Elita is a new F3F/F3B model from Jaro Muller.  It has an innovative (or interesting)  fuse shape - may be good for landing. There is a long ballast tude under the unqiue fuse belly.  The V-tail is removable and is full moving. The carbon wing is in two pieces,  light and strong.  The nose cone is removable. The inner part of the fuse head reviews a skeleton mounting platform.
Wing Span: 2.85m
Airfoil: P8,25/1,76
Manufacturer: Please see Jaro Muller Model

elita1.jpg (35815 bytes)
The model looks conventional from the top

elita2.jpg (35842 bytes)
Just like another F3B ship

elita3.jpg (22677 bytes)
Look! what does this unique fuse shape use for?

elita4.jpg (37029 bytes)
The mounting platform is  funny also