This scaled ASH26 was designed to have outstanding thermal and aerobatics flight characteristics. The wings are obechi-sheeted with finished leading and trailing edges and are joined with a 12 mm joiner tubes using MULTIlock technology. The fuselage was made of high-quality MULTIPOXY with a strong, lightweight, brilliant white finish. The plane has a very pleasant flying characteristics that will satisfy most leisure flyers.
Wing Span: 159"
Airfoil: RG Straak Modified
Manufacturer: Multiplex RC

ash26_1.jpg (63403 bytes)
This brand new ASH looks so beautiful on ground

ash26_2.jpg (38578 bytes)
See how tall it is!

ash26_13.jpg (48775 bytes)
Another ASH26 on ready to launch

ash26_7.jpg (17797 bytes)
A peaceful flight before sunset

ash26_5.jpg (45978 bytes)
Final check prior to launch

ash26_4.jpg (41971 bytes)
Ooh! going to launch it

ash26_6.jpg (8886 bytes)
The wings are so thin and seem disappeared in the air

ash26_3.jpg (8673 bytes)
Soaring peacefully on Fei Ngo Shan Peak

ash26_12.jpg (11037 bytes)
A lowpass in Fei  Ngo Shan

ash26_9.jpg (21717 bytes)
Launching an ASH26

ash26_10.jpg (11473 bytes)
This big glider is a rare animal in the slope

ash26_11.jpg (6219 bytes)
Soars majestically in a cloudy day

A flypass in Fei Ngo Shan (2799447 bytes)
A flypass in Fei Ngo Shan

On a close flypass in Fei Ngo Shan (2148019 bytes)
On a close flypass in Fei Ngo Shan

Launching an ASH26 (1819159 bytes)
See a movie for launching an ASH26