Fox 3.5m

This 3.5m Fox is an outstanding scale model. The model is fully molded with the surface paint and polished. The prefabrication degree is high and the job you need to complete the model is to install servos and radio. The plane has a large wing span of 3.5m and was designed for aerobatics. Vertical loops, axis rolls and stall turns are easily performed. The plane also has a very pleasant flying characteristics that will satisfy most leisure flyers.
Wing Span: 3.5m
Airfoil: J5012
Manufacturer: Wild Skies Models

DSCN-00.jpg (41566 bytes)
It is big and looks beautifully on ground

DSCN-05.jpg (29891 bytes)
See the amazing shape!

DSCN-01.jpg (33910 bytes)
Preparing the Fox 3.5m for launch in Shek O Peak

DSCN-03.jpg (11649 bytes)
It is enjoyable to fly this scale glider

fox10.jpg (26675 bytes)
Simon Cocker holding a beautiful Fox

fox_real.jpg (28199 bytes)
Does it look real? Yes, it is a real D-1995 Fox

DSCN-04.jpg (6710 bytes)
Look so real in the air

DSCN-02.jpg (7311 bytes)
Its capability for aerobatics is astonishing

Fox11.jpg (11304 bytes)
Invert flight! Not easy for the size of a 3.5m glider

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