Sailplanes on Incubation

This page contains information on new model sailplanes which are yet to be completed for their maiden flights.
  1. Discus 2
  2. Minij, Mininch and Prodij
  3. Fox (scale 1:4)
  4. Eliminator SR
  5. Sting
  6. Bone

Discus 2

Wing Span: 4545mm
Airfoil: E203
Manufacturer: Graupner

Sold (68962 bytes)
The box arrived

Tall (85171 bytes)
Taller than the owner

Big Belly (74035 bytes)
See the big belly

small brothers (71153 bytes)
Look at other smaller brothers

size comparision (64920 bytes)
Compare to ASW22B& Flamingo

Swallow (70322 bytes)
Swallowed by ...

wings (44480 bytes)
See it wings!

number plate (56118 bytes)
Its number plate

two bellies (59976 bytes)
Which belly is bigger?

spacious (64609 bytes)
Spacious inside


Minij, Mininch and Prodij
Wing Span: 60"
Airfoil: Minij SD4083,   Mininch MH 22, Prodij MG06
Manufacturer: Pyrenees Modeles

Open the box (89155 bytes)
Just open the box

Where is the fin ?(101389 bytes)
Minich without a fin

Prodij (181922 bytes)
Prodij's shape

Minij aerobatic (12173 bytes)
Minij having aerobatics after born
Maiden flight: 27 May 2000
Test pilot: Alex

Soaring in Clearwater Bay (15131 bytes)
Soaring in Clearwater Bay
Maiden flight: 13 August 2000
Test pilot: Chester

Ridge run (79355 bytes)
Prodij on ridge run after born
Maiden flight: 1 July 2000
Test pilot: Stanley


Fox (scale 1:4)
Wing Span: 3.5m
Airfoil: J5012
Manufacturer: Wild Skies Models

Beautiful Fox (63418 bytes)
A Beautiful Looking Fox

Instrument Panel (84705 bytes)
Instrument panel

Cabin (70548 bytes)
Inside the cabin

Fox (95723 bytes)
Look great!

look real (65459 bytes)
Does it look real?

Cockpit (88081 bytes)
Inside the cockpit

Big glider (89714 bytes)
It looks so big!

Pual and his Fox (71302 bytes)
Paul and his Fox

Who is piloting this aircraft? (81384 bytes)
Who is piloting this aircraft?

Soaring over Shek O Peak (14732 bytes)
Soaring over Shek O peak
Maiden flight: 9 Sep 2000
Test pilots: James Fung and Paul Wong


Eliminator SR
Wing Span: 60"
Airfoil: RG15
Manufacturer: Soarers by John Steven

EliminatorSR1.jpg (46272 bytes)
Its wing  is a conventional design with foam core and balsa sheet

Eliminator SR2.jpg (49454 bytes)
The wing has a high standard of manufacturing

Eliminator SR3.jpg (68663 bytes)
The complete package of manual for construction

EliminatorSR4.jpg (47553 bytes)
The fuse is fiberglass and has plenty of space for the electronics

EliminatorSR5.jpg (70231 bytes)
You can make a two-piece wing or glue them together for a one-piece wing

EliminatorSR6.jpg (77408 bytes)
The whole package arrived in good  condition


Wing Span: 2.8m
Airfoil: HN-1038
Manufacturer: VV Models

All parts (47567 bytes)
Sting is a FAST hollow mold ship designed for F3F racing

The beautiful wing panel (36217 bytes)
The wings are glass-coated with flaps and airleron

The V-tail (71097 bytes)
The rudervators of V-tail are pre-installed


Wing Span: 2m - 2.5m
Airfoil: Adaptive to modern wing platforms which should fit well to the fuse
Manufacturer: James Hammond
James is an experience r/c sailplane designer who now lives in Taiwan. He was in the UK Team for world championships in 1986 and won the competition using his own design - Sigma. His recent design is a molded racer called "Bone" for which the fuse was made adaptive to almost any new wing section by using flexible silicon rubber for cushion. If you are interested in his racer, give him a call at

Good shape and just look strong! (37263 bytes)
Good shape and just look strong!

Plenty of space inside (36012 bytes)
Plenty of space inside

Borned to be fast! (37332 bytes)
Born to be fast!