Trendy is a polyhedral light-weight, Oracover-sheeted model. However, it has ailerons which give it a better turning control  - idea as a beginner/trainer model. The ARF kit is manufactured of high-quality standard. The white GRP fuselage has a screwed-in, removable nose cone which provides rigidity in case of a hard landing but also enables minimal weight for  floating in air.
Wing Span: 1.7m
Airfoil: SD7055
Manufacturer: FVK Modell

trendy1.jpg (39818 bytes)
Trendy is a colourful model

trendy2.jpg (43242 bytes)
and it is a Polyhedral model with ailerons

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It has a very stable flying characteristic

trendy4.jpg (8707 bytes)
Speedy fly pass in Fei Ngo Shan

trendy5.jpg (19128 bytes)
Moment before launch