Mininch was designed for pylon racing by French. The wings are molded with very strong fiber glass and is very thin. All servos are installed on fuselage to minimize the inertia during tight turn. This racer is pretty fast even in light wind conditions and with ballast installed on strong wind, its speed is amazing. The wing structure should be strong enough for outraging dynamic soaring. The wing and fuselage colours are prepaint on delivery.
Wing Span: 60"
Airfoil: MH 22
Manufacturer: Pyrenees Modeles

mininch1.jpg (58645 bytes)
A colorful Mininch with a new fuse by Chester

mininch2.jpg (57950 bytes)
Another view of Mininch

mininch8.jpg (70193 bytes)
A new Mininch by Stanley after its maiden flight

mininch9.jpg (72690 bytes)
Slope race in Clearwater Bay

mininch3.jpg (8741 bytes)
This is a pretty fast slope racer

mininch4.jpg (27074 bytes)
It has good handling characteristics

mininch5.jpg (9186 bytes)
On a speedy turn

mininch6.jpg (9562 bytes)
Its wings are thin but strong

mininch7.jpg (15824 bytes)
A red Mininch on a speedy approach