F21 Predator EPP

F21 Predator is an EPP combat slope sailplane. The fuselage and wing are made of harden EPP foam while the tail is made of coroplast. Balsa sheet enforcement is needed in order to straighten the fuselage. The plane is good looking on flight and the penetration speed is about average. It is highly maneuverable but the response is a little bit slow.
Wing Span: 48"
Airfoil: RG15
Manufacturer: RPV Industries

F21a.jpg (59960 bytes)
A duck lookalike F21 by Stanley Chan

F21b.jpg (14668 bytes)
Going to land in Kai Tak airport?

F21c.jpg (8026 bytes)
Soaring on a cloudy day

F21d.jpg (55688 bytes)
Safely landed on a rocky airstrip