MicroFloh has a wingspan of only 45", small enough for many inland slopes. For a molded sailplane of this size, it must be highly maneuverable. The wing is beautifully built to a high standard of quality, which is typically available only in expensive racing ships. The V-tail is removable and is attached to the fuselage using only one screw from the bottom. It is solid enough to take abuse while  dynamic soaring it on the back side of a small hill, and of course the speed achieved for such a molded ship is astonishing!
Wing Span: 45"
Airfoil: RG15
Manufacturer: Schmierer Modellbau, pleae see also Northeast Sailplane Products

microfloh1.jpg (57615 bytes)
A small and good looking molded slope racer

microfloh2.jpg (53731 bytes)
it also has a good aerobatics capability

microfloh3.jpg (6262 bytes)
On a speedy flypass in Clearwater Bay

microfloh4.jpg (23530 bytes)
Because of its smaller size, it appears to be fast

microfloh5.jpg (9292 bytes)
It just looks good

microfloh6.jpg (31487 bytes)
On a  quick turn

MicroFloh on a speedy flypass (3818679 bytes)
MicroFloh on a speedy flypass

MicroFloh on a speed run with Miraj (3987591 bytes)
MicroFloh on a speed run with Miraj

On launching the MicroFloh (1336819 bytes)
On launching the MicroFloh