Bip Bip

Bip Bip is a sailplane designed for slope pylon racing and stunt-flying.  Its flight envelope is wide enough for moderate to light wind conditions. With ballast installed under strong wind condition, it can fly as fast as other top performance 60" racers. This flying machine has a streamline fuselage. However, the wing is a conventional design with balsa sheeting.
Wing Span: 60"
Airfoil: MH32
Manufacturer: Imported from Europe, please contact Aerotech HK

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Master Leung's new toy, a beautifully decorated Bip Bip

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It is a conventional mid-tail design with balsa-sheeted wing

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Its aerobatics capability is good

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The flight envelope is wide enough for various lift conditions

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High speed roll and spin are easy to achieve

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Soar over the ridge contour