Pilatus B4

The Multiplex Pilatus B4 is a scale glider designed for pleasure flying. It also has good aerobatics capability that satisfies most demanding pilots in the field. The model is often seen performing successfully in Europe at aerobatics competitions. As standard Multiplex construction techniques, the model comes with a high quality Multipoxy fuselage with a light, strong, brilliant white finish. The wings are finished wings with built-in joiner tubes, aileron cut-outs and finished leading and trailing edges with MULTILOCK.
Wing Span: 102"
Airfoil: RG14 mod
Manufacturer: Multiplex RC

PB4a.jpg (56027 bytes)
A beautiful looking Pilatus B4 by Stanley Tam

PB4.jpg (53615 bytes)
Another good looking B4 on display

PB4b.jpg (58633 bytes)
A brand new Pilatus B4 by Stanley Chan

PB4c.jpg (18572 bytes)
Soaring in Clearwater Bay

PB4d.jpg (35285 bytes)
Its aerobatics capability is good even it is a scaled glider

PB4e.jpg (7585 bytes)
On a close approach dive

PB4f.jpg (20843 bytes)
Quick turn and high-speed flypass

PB4g.jpg (7942 bytes)
On a vertical dive

PB4h.jpg (75411 bytes)
Chassing the sun in Fei Ngo Shan

On a landing approach of Pilatus B4 (1487251 bytes)
See a movie on a landing approach of Pilatus B4