Clear Water Bay

Site Photos: Main Site North Facing Site Peak Site Sheung Lau Wan
Height: 65m 85m 124m 201m
Wind Direction: East North East Southwest

Clear Water Bay is located 25 km east of Kowloon city center. It takes about 40 minutes to drive there  from Kowloon. It can also be accessed by public transportation. KMB has a bus route No.91 running from Choi Hung MTR station to Clear Water Bay Beach in 20 minutes interval. From the bus station, you can walk up to the flying site along the road leading to Po Toi O. It takes about 5 minutes to walk up there. You can also take the green minibus No. 16 running between Po Lam Tsun and Po Toi O. You may get down the minibus just at the flying spot! The flying site is facing east. Most pilots will park their cars alongside the road and fly their planes there. However, the parking spaces are rare during weekend particularly when the weather condition is right. To drive there from Kowloon and west NT, you need to take Lung Cheung Road and turn left to Clearwater Bay Road at Choi Hung junction. If you are from north NT and Shatin, you may take Tale Cairn Tunnel and turn left to Choi Hung at the first exit. In Clearwater Bay Road, you should drive on towards the direction of Sai Kung and turn right to the direction of Tai Au Mun at the University junction. Then drive on for about 15 minutes and you will come to a T-junction. Turn right at the junction onto the road that is running down to Clearwater Bay Beach. The flying site is about two hundred meters after passing the beach.

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The main slope in Clear Water Bay is facing east and overlooking the ocean. Wind coming unobstructively from the east will generate extremely strong upstream currents around the slope. The main site is just along the road. There are lots of spectators and vehicles nearby, you must be cautious of hitting people in case of bad maneuvers.  The landing area is actually on the slope. Grasses are used to cushion the impact forces due to landing. Pilots need to maneuver their planes downwind towards the slope and then climb up so as to loose speed for landing. Inexperience pilots may find it difficult to do that as the downwind speed is really fast. Make sure you have a beep alarm installed in case your plane runs wild into the bushes. Mind you that the Clear Water Bay site has the highest lost rate of model planes in Hong Kong. The airspace is sufficient for spectacular maneuvers, however it may get really crowded in a good day. The site is suitable for all kinds of sailplanes both small and big. Some pilots may prefer to walk up a hundred meters to the hill top where you can have more airspace. Alongside the main slope to the south, there is also a slope which is facing north. Pilots occasionally need to fly over there as northerly winds prevail. This slope is not as good as the main slope and turbulence occurs frequently. However, some experience pilots said that flying on this slope is challenging during winter season with very strong northerly wind. There is also a minor site in Clear Water Bay area for flying model planes in summer time when the wind is coming from southwest. On the main site, you walk up to the hill top and then turn to the right to a yet higher mountain near Sheung Lau Wan; it demands quite a bit of efforts to climb up there. Once you are there, you will find a relatively flat grassland which is very suitable for landing. This site is facing southwest with Hong Kong Island on the far sight. The lift factor there is good, however, as the reclamation of Junk Bay is continuing in a fast pace, no guarantee that this site will still be suitable for flying in a few years time.