Photos - Clearwater Bay (Peak)

cwbp5.jpg (37393 bytes)
A bird-eye view of the Clearwater Bay Peak

cwb13.jpg (30230 bytes)
Ah Yuk launching a model in the Peak

cwbp4.jpg (11414 bytes)
Sail Lady soaring on the mountain peak

cwbp1.jpg (36999 bytes)
Relax and enjoy flying in the Peak

cwbp2.jpg (39249 bytes)
Packing up for home after a day of fun

cwbp3.jpg (46913 bytes)
Plenty of grass for landing

cwb12.jpg (34308 bytes)
Thank you to the country park authority, we can now sit down and relax while we are soaring on the Peak

cwbp6.jpg (13611 bytes)
Oop! Are you sure to launch? The wind is coming from the other side!

See a movie of landing in the Peak (854 kB)
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Dynamic soaring movie in the peak (3 MB)