Photos - Clear Water Bay (Main Site)

cwb1.jpg (45198 bytes)
Main site. The landing area is on the right

cwb10.jpg (40970 bytes)
A bird eye view of the main flying site.

cwb2.jpg (75802 bytes)
Recovering a plane. Ha! What a good exercise!

cwb4.jpg (60766 bytes)
Lots of spectators

cwb_path.jpg (50702 bytes)
See the path going up to the hill top

cwb19.jpg (45783 bytes)
Launching a Fox with many onlookers

cwb5.jpg (35229 bytes)
Packing up for home after a day of  fun

cwb_brush.jpg (67647 bytes)
Somebody down there! Did you find it?

cwb9.jpg (19393 bytes)
It is great fun to land a plane on the road

gillette2.jpg (30402 bytes)
It's a Gillette! Slope in far side is for northerly wind  

cwb25.jpg (15362 bytes)
The surrounding scenery is just so beautiful

Landing on the road (2281075 bytes)
See a movie for landing a plane on the road


See a Movie (1.6 MB) for launching a sailplane in this site
See a Movie (3.8 MB) for flying in this site
See a Movie (2.5 MB) for landing in this site