Clearwater Bay (North Facing Slope)

cwb11.jpg (43705 bytes)
A bird eye view of the flying site

cwb15.jpg (59693 bytes)
You see the Masters, they have chairs

cwb16.jpg (40720 bytes)
Master Leung: I am in charge here

cwb22.jpg (41294 bytes)
Our fellow pilots are concentrating on soaring

cwb17.jpg (47925 bytes)
Don't fly too low, there are lots of turbulence!

ind2_a.jpg (57047 bytes)
It's a lot of work to recover a plane in the brush!

cwb21.jpg (37863 bytes)
The slope edge is straight - good for pylon racing

cwb20.jpg (50895 bytes)
The wind direction may change abruptly, be careful!

cwb18.jpg (14018 bytes)
Lucky on a dive in north facing slope


See a Movie (3.9MB) for flying in this slope.
See a Movie (1.5MB) for an attempt to land in this slope.