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RC Slope Soaring in Hong Kong

Hong Kong F3F League

Welcome!  This site is dedicated to pilots who fly RC model sailplanes

About us

We are a group of pilots flying RC sailplanes in Hong Kong. Although Hong Kong is very small in size, its landscape contains many beautiful mountains and scenic spots, most of them are facing South China sea.   Strong winds are blowing constantly from the east during Autumn and Winter seasons. The weather in this time of the year is nice and fantastic for family gatherings and, of course, for flying our model planes!

About Sailplanes

Sailplanes are powerless gliders. They float in air by ridding on air currents generated by natural forces. Model sailplanes can be classified into two major categories. Slope gliders in many aspects differ from thermal sailplanes. They float on the upstream air in front of a mountain slope. This upstream lift is generated as a result of wind blowing towards the slope and pushing air up. Pilots who can harvest this power of nature may stay in air for hours. Slope gliders are typically faster than their thermal counter parts. Generally, they are also smaller in size. Their wings are made of balsa sheets with foam cores. Some high performance gliders are made by molding with carbon fiber. Many combat gliders are made of EPP material which are flexible and strong.

Some Slope Sailplanes

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