R/C Supplies, Tools and Other Relevant Links

R/C Electronics
Radio, Receiver and Servo
  1. Futaba, famous name for R/C radio sets
  2. GWS, Taiwanese manufacturer of R/C receiver and servos
  3. Hitec RCD, R/C radio sets
  4. JR, R/C radio and other stuff
  5. Officeshops "Hobbies instead of Work", Great Prices on GWS Products. Pico Stick, Pico Cub, GWS Servos, GWS Speed Controllers (ESC), Props, Motors, Parts. Indoor and Park Flyers
  6. Servo City, Futaba and Hitec servos
  7. Volz Servos, manufacturer of precision crafted servos
Motors for Electric Flights
  1. Aveox Brushless Motors, supplier of high-quality brushless motors and controllers
  2. LMP-OEMSALES, Distributor of Mabuchi Motors for electric flight in US for over 50 years
  3. Micro R/C and Indoor Electric Supplier, all kinds of accessory for indoor electric flight
R/C Aircraft Design Tools
Airfoil Database
  1. UIUC Airfoils, a large database for airfoils, such as RG and SD series
  2. HN Profile by Norbert Habe, HN series of airfoil database
  3. MH Airfoil Database, MH series of airfoils for sailplanes
  4. HD Airfoils by Team Ariane, HD series of airfoils for competitive gliders
Airfoil Design Software and Photos
  1. Airfoil Comparison Tool, tool to compare two airfoils for various design parameters
  2. Airfoil Design Software, free download of WinFoil aeronautical design software
  3. Compufoil, famous airfoil modification and plotting software
  4. Airfoil Design and Testing, web based airfoil design and analysis
  5. Printing of NACA Airfoils, shareware for plotting NACA airfoils
  6. Profile Foam Wing Template Program, download this free program by John Garnham
  7. Aircraft Design Photos
Foam Cutting Tools
  1. SeaGull Technologies, foam cutter tool
  2. Foam Cutting Information by Team Ariane, pictures of cutting tools
  3. Styrocut: Foam Cutter Machine, manufactured by C.B. Hobby House of Thailand
  4. Hot Wire Foam Factory, manufacturer of foam cutting tools
Model Plans
  1. Planos, free plans download by Fernando Lopez Lago, Chile
  2. Airborne Magazine Plans Service, some scale glider plans
  3. Simple Plastic Aeroplane Designs, various kinds of planes made of Coroplast
  4. Mugi, a Coroplast delta wing
R/C Soaring Site Databases
  1. Auslope, Australian and international slope site directory
  2. International Listing of R/C Flying Sites, flying site database by Ville Ranki from Finland
  3. International Soaring Site Directory, soaring site directory maintained by extreme products
  4. RC Soaring Sites in the San Francisco Bay Area, soaring sites information from California
  5. RC Soaring Sites, maintained by Lloyds, New Zealand
R/C Organizations and Competition Rules
  1. The American Slope Racing Organization, a group of pilots dedicated to slope racing; MoM and F3F
  2. British Association of Radio Control Soarers, BARCS competition rules
  3. FAI, Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, world organization setting standards for aviation
  4. F3B - Thermal Soaring Models, contain information of F3B thermal soaring competition rules
  5. R-C Nostalgia Class Soaring, competition rules for Nostalgia class soaring
  6. FAI Class Definitions, F3B, F3F and F3J definitions
  7. International Scale Soaring Association ISSA, information on scale gliders and forum
R/C Search Engines and Links
  1. Planes Wings and Things, maintains a list of sailplane related sites
  2. R/C Soaring, a soaring link directory
  3. R/C Soaring Links, maintained by Colin Williams
  4. R/C Web Sites Index, a comprehensive link directory for all R/C stuff
  5. Soaring Links of North Texas, a list maintained by Soaring League of North Texas
  6. South Africa Soaring Links, a list maintained by Atlantic Flying  Club of South Africa
  7. Towerhobbies R/C Manufacturer List
  8. The R/C Source, hobby manufacturers list
  9. Hobbyseek Hobbyseek.net - your personal search engine! search engine for R/C related item
  10. Scale Sailplane Directory, contains a complete list of scale glider manufacturers
R/C Related Articles
  1. RC Soaring Guide, have to visit for beginners
  2. Soaring FAQ, compiled by Murray Lane of Pikes Peak Soaring Society
  3. Sailplane Performance Analysis, good article on analysis sailplane performance
  4. Radio Control Information, useful information on how radio control system works
R/C Videos & Image Libraries
  1. Luft46 images library, contain many images on WWII Germany warplanes
  2. Radio Carbon Art, Endless Lift production house
  3. Reese Productions, Producer of RC sailplane videos. Its first production is Lift Ticket, a Slope and Dynamic Soaring video
  4. Thirty Thousand Feet Aviation Directory, aviation pictures, screen savers and lot of software
R/C Magazines and books
  1. Traplet Publications, Quiet Flight International (QFI) publisher
  2. The E-Zone, Online magazine about electric flights
  3. RC Micro Flight, A magazine dedicates to micro flights
  4. RC Soaring Digest, A monthly look into the world of sailplane enthusiasts everywhere
  5. TheGlider, a free downloadable book by Stelio Frati
R/C Chat Room and Forum
  1. eGroups- Soaring, on line interest group related to R/C soaring
  2. eGroups- F3F, want speed? join this group!
  3. International Scale Soaring Association, group for scale glider pilots
  4. Modelforum, German and English forum
  5. RC Combat Association Forum, all aspects of  discussions on r/c comabt planes
  6. Mugi forum, forum for Mugi delta wing which is  made of Coroplast
  7. RC Groups Discussion Forum, all aspects of  discussions on r/c planes
  8. RC Line Forum, discussion forum in German
  9. RC-Network Discussion Forum, discussion forum in German
  10. Aeronline
R/C Events and Competition Information
  1. Viking Race 2000, Portugal
  2. F3F at the Long Man 1999
Miscellaneous R/C Related Items
R/C Flight Simulators
  1. 3D Glider Simulator, French 3D glider simulator for free download
  2. Cockpit Master, a photorealistic simulator distributed by Multiplex RC
  3. Dynamic Soaring Simulator, interest in dynamic soaring? Have a look on this DS simulator
  4. Flight Model Simulator, a very good free 3D model simulator
  5. PC Pilot, French manufacturer of PC interface to R/C transmitter for software simulator
  6. R/C Pilot, PC-based aircraft flight simulation software
  7. RCjoy, manufacturer of R/C transmitter trainer port joystick emulator
  8. RealFlight Simulator, simulates radio R/C model aircraft with incredible realism
  9. Aerofly, simulators for RC aircraft, heli and glider
  10. Soar, a virtual soaring society
Labours for Model Building and Repair
  1. Perfect Planes, have a kit but don't want to build,  call them
  2. e-Sailplanes.com, professional, electric rc building, design and repair
Airborne Video Links
  1. Airborne Video Systems
  2. Remote Controlled Aerial Photography
Other Electronic Stuff for R/C
  1. Ohmark Electronics, R/C gadgets from New Zealand
  2. Slickraft, some sailplane kits and electronic gadgets for R/C
  3. picolario-usa.com, variometer and telemetry system for model planes
Scale Pilot Manufacturers
  1. Axel's Scale Pilots, One of the best pilot manufacture for scale sailplane offering 1/4 to 1/2 size
Carbon Fiber Supplies
  1. The Composite Store, a full inventory of light weight composite materials available in small quantities for model builders
  2. Carbon Composite, supplier for high-tech laminates
  3. Model Research Labs, carbon fiber material for modeling
  4. Aerospace Composite Products, supplier of EZ-Lam Epoxy laminating, finishing and tooling resins, vacuum bagging systems
Aircraft Model Decal
  1. AeroMaster
Carry Bag for Gliders
  1. The Bag Lady, manufacturer of carry bags for model aircrafts
Laser Cutting Service Provider
  1. US LaserMade, a laser cutting service provider
EPP material supplier for model building
  1. Vortex-Vacforms, vac-forming for model aircraft & epp warbirds WW2 + jets ( p.s.s.)