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Czech Republic




Hong Kong






New Zealand




South Africa





United Kingdom

  1. Andy MacDonald's Flying Wing Page
  2. Dave Jones on the web
  3. LSF Australia
  4. Moreton Region Sports Soaring Association Inc
  5. RC Soaring in Australia, by Ian Cole
  1. Martin Pirker's Home Page
  1. The Quiet Flight
  2. Aeromodelo
  1. F3J in Thermal Soaring in Belgium
  1. Greg's Diversions
  2. Louis Cimon's Home Page
  3. Warren ManSonHwg's Home Page
  4. Calgary Radio Control Soaring Society
Czech Republic
  1. Lomcovak good landing site for Czech
  1. RC-Soaring in Demark
  1. Olivier Bordes' Home Page
  2. F3F Soaring in France
  3. Model Air Club Cherbourg Hague
  4. Pierre Rondel's Home Page RC soaring magazine
  5. French Slope Soaring Web Site
  6. Hand Launch Glider by Jacques Anziani, has an article on making fibre wing
  7. Sailplane Models and Flying
  8. Vincent Besancon's Home Page, vb_logo.jpg (8245 bytes)
  1. AG Modellbau Penig, some interesting videos on DS behind the trees!
  2. Aero Design, lot of information on model glider design
  3. MFG-LECK e.v.
  4. Werner Fehn's home page
Hong Kong
  1. Bernard Guillot's site of slope combat
  2. Hong Kong Radio Control Soaring Society, logo_small.jpg (2911 bytes) a new local soaring club
  3. Robin Philips' site of little JIVE flying wing
  4. Robert Yan's Home Page, Robert is a well-known senior R/C pilot in Hong Kong
  1. 'Akila, Silent Flight in Sardinia
  2. Florence Soaring
  3. Pagina normale senza titolo
  4. Olly & Tullio Homepage
  5. Marco Fedon's Home Page
  6. Macro Ranimar's Home Page
  1. Akagi R/C Sailplane Club
  2. Asahara's Sailplane Home Page
  3. Craftroom
  4. Soaring the Sky, home page from Ben a Malaysian working in Japan
  5. RC Hand Launch Glider Park
  6. RC Sailplane Club
  7. RC Aircraft Workshop, home made aircrafts
  8. RC Soaring Square
  9. Runway End, Y Ueno's Web Page
  1. Blue Sky Club, R/C hobby shop and club
  2. Kim Dae Sik's F3A page
  3. Korean Glider User Group
  4. Hipsjm
  5. Xevious, Korea r/c glider club
  1. Eric de Keizer's F3B Page
  2. Frits Donker Duyvis's Home Page
  3. Foom Delta
  4. Holland Glide, F3J results
New Zealand
  1. Alan's Hobby Web Links
  2. Christchurch Model Aero Club
  3. Christchurch Slope Flying Sites
  4. Graeme Andrew's Page, contains pictures of flying in Hong Kong
  1. Jo Grini's Pike Model Page
  2. Tromso Model Flyer Club
  1. Aeromodelismo, some r/c resource
  2. Oscar's RCM Porto
  1. Silent Sling
South Africa
  1. Atlantic Flying Club
  2. F3J South Africa
  1. Club Velers Collserola, r/c soaring club based in Barcelona
  1. Radio Control Soaring Sweden contains FAI competition rules on F3J and F3B
  1. Martin Zürcher's Home Page
  1. Chinese Taipei Aero Modelling Association
  2. Forever Lu home page
  3. Jason's R/C Sailplane and Electric
  4. Roger's World of Radio Control Model Glider
  5. Slope Family
  6. The World of Taiwan Remote Control Glider (TARCG)
  7. The Esat Slope Glider Club
United Kingdom
  1. Alastair Hunter's Homg Page
  2. AlexMcMeekin's Slope Inclined
  3. David Howe's Home Page
  4. East Sussex Soaring Association
  5. Fife Soarers Club
  6. Graham Woods' Home Page, contains information on UK slope sites
  7. Hanworth Airpark Model Flying Club
  8. Ivinghoe Soaring Association
  9. Ivy and Martin's Web Page
  10. John McCurdy's Page
  11. Kevin Newton's Home Page
  12. Manx Model Flyers Club
  13. RC Soaring, contains lots of information on rc soaring
  14. Red Rose Soares
  15. South Wales Soaring Association
  16. Straford on Avon Gliding Club
  17. The Soarer
  1. Albuquerque Soaring Association
  2. Backlash's RC Pad by Mark Slayton
  3. Baltimore Aera Soaring Society
  4. Brett's Slope & Power Homepage
  5. Bluff Peak Soaring Association
  6. California Slope Racers want to have a race?
  7. Capital Area Soaring Society
  8. Charles River Radio Control
  9. Chris Adam Soaring Pages
  10. Cincinnati Soaring Society
  11. Combat Wings
  12. Craig's Soaring Page
  13. Dean Thomas's Homg Page. Floyd glider
  14. Eastern Iowa Soaring Society
  15. Fatlion, Randy Carr's Home Page, contain lots of information of  rc sailplanes
  16. GliderKing, Robert Bingham's Home Page, he has flown Mac Dart, Nemesis and soon Dominator
  17. Gold Country R/C Soaring
  18. Harbor Soaring Society, Soaring club in Costa Mesa, California
  19. Inland Slope Rebels (ISR)
  20. Inland Soaring Society (ISS), Soaring club in Southern California
  21. Inter-Mountain Silent Fflyer (IMSF), club based in Utah
  22. John Sonderegger's Link Page
  23. JVB R/C Soaring Page
  24. League of Silent Flight (LSF)
  25. Lliftseekers, Cape Kiwanda home of Liftseeker
  26. MN R/C Soaring Society, based in Minnesota
  27. Mid-Columbia Soarers, soaring club in Eagle Butte, Columbia
  28. Minnesota Radio Control Soaring Society
  29. Mike Lachowski's Home Page
  30. NorCal Slope Soaring, contains information on dynamic soaring in US
  31. North Alabama Silient Flyers
  32. Parker Mountain by Joseph Zwart birth place of dynamic soaring
  33. Pismo Beach Soaring Society
  34. Rasloper's Home Page, Homo-slopeien
  35. Redwood Soaring Association, based in Northern Califronia
  36. San Juan Slope Soarers
  37. Scale Soaring by John Derstine
  38. Seatle Area Soaring Society
  39. Sean Shrum's Home Page, sailplane soaring and combat
  40. Sensei John Roe
  41. Silent Order of Aeromodelling by Radio, Chicago based R/C model soaring club
  42. Silent Knights Ssoaring Society, R/C soaring club in Newark, Delaware
  43. Silient Wing Soaring Association (SWSA)
  44. Slope Scale RC
  45. Slope Soaring at Cape Blanco
  46. Slope Soaring without a slope
  47. Soaring League  of North Texas
  48. Soaring Maui RC
  49. South Bay Soaring Society
  50. Southern Oregon Soaring Society
  51. Sailplane Soaring and Combat
  52. R/C Soaring Digest RC soaring .. a laughing matter
  53. Temple Hill Slope Squadron
  54. The AeroNuts Haven
  55. The Soaring Junkie
  56. The Soaring Tools
  57. Torrey Pines Gulls, some photos on DS'ing in Parker
  58. Doug Turners Website
  59. Weylan Wang's Home Page, some photos of flying in Parker