Viking Race 2004 in Cap Arkona, Germany

VR2004 Opening: Franz and Marcel on the stage

The Barbarian on a practice run

First day competition: the slope is 35m high, wind northeast and the lift is good, but the landing is really challenging

The Hong Kong team quarter

On the run

Mak launches Pike WR for Y.C.

Oop! Landed, actually crashed, on the tree top. Mak's NewSting got two new holes!

Mak is accompanying Y.C. for the 300m walk to the landing area

Mak and his NYX F3F after a faultless landing

Don't fly too close to the water!

Pike Brio on a speed run

Second day: the track is only 85m long

On the ready box

Split S turn in base A

The Hong Kong team with their weapon

Stefan Eder's Crossfire hit a wooden pole near base A and crashed into the bush

Third day contest: landing is nearby and easy

The French team was hit by a run wild plane -minor damage only!

One,  two, three, launch

Tempus on a speed run

Powerful launch

Forth day contest: another slope with nearby landing zone

Wait anxiously for their turns

A final check up

Wait and wait

The weapon from the Hong Kong Team

Hong Kong team photo

The French team

Another power launch

Launch near base B, why?

You can see the pilot's body language tells the plane is approaching

Take a sun bath

These are all competitive models

NYX F3F from the British team

A beautiful New Sting

Skorpian from the Austrian team

Turn in base B

Andreas Herrig is helping his brother Martin to launch the Shocker

Martin Herrig's Shocker on a close flypass

New Sting on a speed run

A easy launch

Elita bumping up and down

Peter Kowalski has a massage before the run. Take it easy, man!

Alex McMeekin's Falcon

Pike Brio on a speedy flypass

Push hard and go!

Is it a Viking on trek?

This Arkanji is waiting for its turn

Marcel are you interested in this Elita?

Launch the Arkanji

After crashing the Crosfire, Stefan you must be interested in having an Elita then

Tim Cone's NYX F3F on a speedy flypass

Elita was flying too close to the slope

Elita on crossing Base A

Last day contest: the rain was just beginning to start

Gudmundsson from Iceland

Waiting for round 20 to start

Stanley was helping Y.C. on his way to land

Kelvin Newton must be so happy with his result

Is Norholm Preben a bit confuse where to land?

Discussion: group split after the rain start

Klaus Kowalski seems not happy with this run

The trophies are so cute

Best time prize goes to Martim Herrig

Team Champion: Dieter, Peter and Klaus of Germany

Team first runner up: Andreas, Martin and Stephan of Germany

Team second runner up: Bjorn Tore, Rolf Borge and Espen of Norway

Individual: Klaus (1st runner up), Martin (Champion), Andreas (2nd runner up)

Banquette time, nice food and friendly discussion

Contestants sign here for memory keeping by the organizer

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See a movie for a F3F of Viking by Cantero Carlos of Spain

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