Visitors from Oversea

Tan Tee Keon Our Guest from Singapore (64949 bytes)

Tan Tee Keon (left) of Singapore who paid a visit to us on 28 Oct. 2000 was greeted by Stanley Chan (right) while holding a 28" SkaT. He toured around the flying sites in Clearwater bay as well as in Fei Ngo Shan. He was particularly impressed with a large number of pilots flying high-performance composite sailplanes here in Hong Kong. He also admires the scenery beauty of our slopes and will definitely visit us again with his models.

Wayne, our guest from US and Stanley (70095 bytes)
Wayne from Alameda County in the East San Francisco Bay, USA,  paid a visit to us on 6 April, 2002. He managed to log some flying times here using a reprogrammed transmitter for Mode II setting, a default setting for flying in his home country. The wind was very cooperative. He was particularly amazed on the scenic beauty of flying site in Fei Ngo Shan and the city view below.

Ari Sipila from Finland enjoys flying the MiniNYX in Ma On Shan (94935 bytes)
Ari Sipila from Finland paid a visit to us on 21 September, 2002. He was visiting Hong Kong for two weeks and would like to take a day off for soaring on our slope. He was introduced to the beautiful slope in Ma On Shan. He also enjoyed the 20 minutes hike up the hill top and the peaceful scenery in the surrounding area.

More are coming .....
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