2006 Taiwan F3F Open
11-13 August 2006
Penghu Island, Taiwan

Penghu Island is the flying site for hosting the 2006 Taiwan F3F Open. The archipelago locates just off the west coast of Taiwan. The charming island is famous for its crystal clear water and amazing natural landscapes. Its terrain consists of flat surface mountain surrounded with steep cliffs. The average sea level is from 20 meters to 50 meters. The flying site is on the southwestern tip of Shiyu (West Is.). According to climatological record, Penghu island generally cultivates strong wind of average 15m/s in the autumn/winter season and weaker a bit in the summer season. 

The competition is the first of this kind of international F3F event organized by the Taiwanese flyers. The event attracted nearly 30 r/c pilots from around the region; Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan. Friday started with hot sunny weather but disappointingly weak wind at only 3 to 5 m/s. The reason of unexpected weak wind is possibly due to two typhoons which had tracked alongside the north and south coasts of Taiwan just a day before the contest! The Taiwanese organizers themselves even had difficulty to get to Penghu because ships and flights were hastily cancelled as typhoons approached. Fortunately, things were finally set in and the contest was successfully started on Friday afternoon.  

Four rounds were held the first day. Wind was northerly at 4m/s initially and gradually went up to 5m/s just before sunset. Chan Kwok Wai from Hong Kong took the first round with a convincing win of a 63 while others were mostly at the eighties. The second and third rounds were taken by Stanley Chan and fourth round by C.M. Cheng. It is interesting to see how pilots flew in light lift conditions with a narrow lift band. Forced diving and abortion were common. Recovery of crashed planes on the cliff occasionally generated heart beating excitement. One Korean fellow who climbed down to recover his plane has even commented that it is worth climbing down because he was able to see the spectacular scenery from the bottom of the cliff! 

Next day the wind was still northerly and averaged at 4 to 6 m/s. As pilots started getting familiar with the slope, they were more aggressive, although record was improved, the number of crashes also increased. So Kwok Ying flew his RaceM into the flesh water pond during landing, pick up was by swimming, amazingly fast swimmer by any standard! Round five was the prize for Chan Kwok Wai who flew consistently well the whole contest. Chang Gi Seong of Korea flew a 60 to take round 6. C.M. Cheng took round 7 with a 56.08 which ultimately grant him an award of the best time for the whole contest. Y.C. Lui flew exceptionally well with his stunning Elita and took round 8 with a 56. He again flew very well in round 9 but luck drove away from him. For some reasons, he fell down while he walked back up for landing after the run, his Elita thus lost control and crashed near the cliff edge. This costs him a full 1000 points penalty and a broken wing joiner! 

Wind was steered to northwest on the third day so we changed flying site. The wind speed, however, was at an average of 2m/s only after the equipment was setup early in the morning. A long wait was eminent. By mid day the wind was barely increased to 3.1m/s and the race was kicked started at 1 pm. The first pilot who flew this round is Kim Jin Kab of Korea, everybody was watching his run cautiously as the wind was barely sufficient. For some reasons his homemade hybrid spider X lost control and crashed after launch. Everybody was getting nervous then. Stanley was the next to fly. He managed to fly his Aris steadily with a 77 and grabbed round 10. Condition didnít improve in round 11, which was taken by Chan Kwok Wai with a 70. The wind finally dropped back to 2 m/s in the middle of round 12. After a 20 minutes wait, the CD called off the race and the contest was completed with 11 rounds of scores. What an interesting contest! If the wind God gave us a bit more mercy, this would be wonderful!

Congratulation to the winners

1st place: Stanley Chan (HK)
2nd place: Chan Kwok Wai (HK)
3rd place: C.M. Cheng (HK)
4th place: Chang Gi Seoung (Korea)
5th place: Huang San Yi (Taiwan)
6th place: Lee Seung Kuk (Korea)
7th place: Zhang Fuk Wah (Taiwan)
8th place: Lee Ping San
g (Taiwan)

See a full score sheet here: http://home.anet.net.tw/nomarks/pic/2006TaiwanOpen.xls

Click on any photo to see a larger version.


Penghu island has many steep cliffs facing all directions - a perfect place for r/c soaring

This charming fishing village has some good seafood restaurants

So many trophies, you won't be disappointed!

Setting up a tent before the race

Oop! First casualty, a punishment by the wind God. Recovery is NOT EASY, Man!

Forced diving and landing are common. Be careful guy!

Test flying to check the wind conditions before the contest

Planes are ready for the race

OK, launch!

Speed run by Ah Pong

Lee Seung Kuk of Korea  is ready for the run

Y.C.'s body language suggests that his run is good

Oop! Mr. Yeh from Kaoshung was inspecting his crashed Trinity - is the fuse harder or the ground?

The weather was so hot, so this RaceM preferred to go swimming

Viking crossing base A

Chan Kwok Wai's New Sting is pretty well under controlled

Plane crash! A rescue team was sent

Posting for a group photo, cheers!

So many racing machines

Ah So's RaceM is ready for launch

Powerful launch of Sting

The wing joiner of Y.C.'s Elita is proved much weaker than the wing!

Oop! CM's Demo hit a pole during landing

A crowd of bulls migrated pass the landing zone

BBQ night and enjoy the friendly atmosphere

Is Ah Pong getting drunk?

Friendly discussion about gliders, of course

Viking is testing its limit to fly under 1m/s wind

Broke back massage

RaceM's old scar

CM's Demo is under controlled

Everybody is hiding under the hot sun

Ah Pong is not happy with his second wife (Sting)

Oop! RaceM hit a rock and passed on the red paint

Volji is a funny looking plane. it is not that floaty so it went down to the rocky beach

Demo has very good performance under light lift

New Sting speedy fly pass

Viking is a good looking racer

Ah So is a lucky guy with two wifes in hands

Demo crossing base B

Elita is ready for the run

Ah Sang from Taiwan got the eighth place

Zhang Fok Wah from Taiwan got a seventh place

Lee Seung Kuk from Korea got the sixth place

Haung San Yi from Taiwan got the fifth place

Chang Gi Seoung from Korea got the forth place

C.M. Cheng from HK got the third place

Chan Kwok Wai from HK got the second place

Stanley Chan from HK got the first place

CM is the best time

Have a group photo, see you next year!

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See a movie of a F3F run of RaceM by Ah Pong

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