Photos of the Oldies

This page contains photos taken long time ago. We hope that these photos can remind us the good old days of R/C soaring here in Hong Kong; in particular, we had safer flying sites; no need to worry about being robbed, friendly people around, fresh air, unpolluted landscape and beautiful scenery......

These photos were sent by Barry Kwong now living in Canada. Barry was a very active r/c pilot in HK back to the days of 1980. You can see him in the photo on the right holding the R/C Blue Bird. If you recognize him, give him an email for an old time re-connection

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Guess who they are. They looked much younger at that time!

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A group of scale  glider pilots on the Shek O peak, year 1995

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Gathering in Ma On Shan

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These photos were taken in Fei Ngo Shan north facing slope overlooking Shatin valley. Who was he? Where were the buildings?

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Fei Ngo Shan east facing slope in the year 1987

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These pictures were sent by Michael Womersley from England. Michael spent almost 40 years living here in Hong Kong from 1957 to 1995. His past time favour during the 70's and 80's was to fly R/C sailplanes in Hong Kong's slopes. He also had interest in power flights later on. If you do remember him, he has a Chinese name WONG Maan Lei, give him an email at

If you have pictures taken long time ago and would like to share, please send me a copy at Thanks.