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  1. TNT Models, R/C airplane & sailplane manufacturer
  1. Airstrike, all-moulded Stratos F3J/F3B high-performance sailplanes
  2. Airsport R.C., manufacturer of Vector flying wings and retailer of a range of R.C. products
  3. AirXstreams, supplier of various EPP warbirds in Australia
  4. Composite Scale Models, manufacturing of large scale sailplane kits and accessories
  5. Canterbury Sailplanes, logo.gif (5458 bytes), Australasian Manufacturer of EPP & Thermal Gliders. Rubber Dusky Aerials and Elevon Mixers
  6. DezzaNet, Redback EPP - a 60 inch EPP pylon racer
  7. Gliders Australia, supplier of MT Cobra, FVK models and Ellipse
  8. Model Flight, Slope/thermal gliders including Taipan II, Pike Plus
  9. Radio Control Sailplanes Australia, Sole Australian agents for Eraser, Fazer and Victor. Specialize in moulded gliders for F3B, F3J, electrics and Open Thermal. Australia's best prices.
  10. Southern Sailplanes, importer of various scale gliders
  11. Wowings, Australian manufacturer of high performance RC EPP foam glider kits, specialising in RC flying  wing slope soaring gliders
  1. Innovative Model Aviation
  1. Hobbys  Modelismo, The great brazilian hobby shop with a complete international stock and manufacturer of all wood airmodels, in basic and high configuration levels. Fly to us!...
  1. Hobbystuff Canada, importer of quality quietflyer products and accessories.
  2. Icare Sailplanes, a large collection of scale gliders and F3x competition gliders
  3. Sobox performance Products, Sharon, Dogan and other gliders
  4. Spirit of Yesteryear Model Aircraft Company, Manufacturer of Old Timer and unique electric models.
  5. Star Flight, importer of RC sailplanes from Ukraine
  1. Todo Hobby, Retailerr of r/c products
  1. List in Chinese
Czech Republic
  1. Fly Fan, high quality large acro models
  2. JAPO,You can find here models of all possible categories for beginners and also for experienced modellers and pilots. You can choose from a simple handlaunch model up to performance models.
  3. Jaro Muller, creator of Ellipse series of high-performance sailplanes
  4. JR Models, a handful of quality r/c gliders
  5. Gerasis, collection of scale gliders including Discus, DG, ASW series
  6. Radek Munzar Composite Model, Bird 60" molded sailplane
  7. Samba Models, Czech manufacturers of Pike and Kobra F3F sailplanes
  8. Telink, manufacturer of EPP models
  9. Topmodel CZ, Conception, design and manufacture of "State of the art" R/C model aircrafts
  1. Tragi Ltd, F3J, F3B, F3F and Electric (F5J, LMR) moulded models production
  1. Airtech, manufacturer of high-performance sailplanes for slope racing and F3J
  2. Cevennes Concept Modelisme, collection of slope sailplanes such as Scorpion and Camisard
  3. Combat Air Models, Fabricant Français de PSS de Combat(presque indestructible) en polystyrène Haute densité entoilé au scotch armé.
  4. Espace Modeles, distributor of Cumulus and Handy series of gliders
  5. Pyrenees Modeles, high-performance slope racers such as Prodij, Mininch and Miraj
  6. Z Système, home.gif (2208 bytes)Builder of Parab'aile, a foldable flying wings and Jok'air, foldable glider. Some interrseting foamies also
  1. Airworld Modellbau, lots of scale gliders
  2. Andy's Hobby Shop, distributor of various bands scale gliders
  3. Bruckmann Modellbau, some scale gliders such as Fox, ASW15b, SWIFT S-1
  4. Bruno Rihm, manufacturer of high-quality Gfk Sailplanes with wing span from 3m to5m
  5. CHK Modelle, high-performance F3J models such as Sharon, Cumulus
  6. Euromodell, Ellipse series of high-performance sailplanes
  7. Exclusive Modellbau Scheifele (EMS), a large collection of high quality scale sailplanes
  8. FVK Modell, manufacturer of high-performance slope sailplanes including Skylark, Gillette and Bandit
  9. Götz GFK- Modelle, Complete full composite - honeycomb Scale Jets for Turbine !
  10. HKM Modellbau, a large number of F3J models such as Corrado and Sharon
  11. Karel Vagenknecht Sailplanes,
  12. Graupnergrlog_md.gif (1784 bytes), big name in R/C with good scale and handlaunch gliders
  13. Holzmann Modellbau, some slope and handlaunch gliders such as Trio and Hattric
  14. Lenger Modellbau, a large collection of cost-effective scale gliders
  15. Marienberg-Studio Würzburg ,manufacturer of gas-turbine and gas-turbine driven airplanes
  16. MHM Karlsruhe
  17. Modellbau Pollack, F3x sailplanes such as Bora, Mini Eagle, Stratos, Eraser
  18. Modellbau und Spielzeughandel, RC-Airplanes and RC-Cars Spezialgeschaft
  19. Modellbauzentrum Leipzig, Models, Parts, engines, gliders, electronics mvvs motors Mega motors
  20. Multiplex RC, big name in R/C with high-quality sailplanes including Flamingo, ASH26, Lucky
  21. Paf-flugmodelle, Stork and Opus-v series high-performance gliders
  22. Pichler Modellbau, aeromodelling specialist
  23. PMSTAR-SHOP, the whole programm of Jamara an RC-Toys. The total placement also for details. Always searching for Reseller european-wide
  24. Reinhard Schueler, some large scale gliders including Ventus 2c, ASH26
  25. Ripo Exclusivmodellbau, a large collection of scale gliders including Fox, DG800, ASW27
  26. Robbe, big name in RC with high-quality gliders
  27. Roedelmodell, some scale gliders such as Ka 6, ASK21
  28. Rosenthal-Flugmodelle, manufacturer of large scale glider kits
  29. PW Modellbau, high performance F3B/F3F and F3J gliders suchas Brisk III and Demo
  30. Schneider Modellbau, High Qouality Models F3B,F3F,F3J,F3K and Electric models. Evolution,Corado5,Sting,Viking,Victro,Eraser,Corado 2000.
  31. Sport Klemn, Flying Special series of high-performance gliders
Hong Kong
  1. Aero Model Design (AMD), manufacturer of some slope gliders such Zero, Quicksilver and Cyclone
  2. Aero Technic HK, manufacturer of Junior Star and Carbon Star
  3. Airborne Models, world model (Radar) manufacturer with various PSS models
  4. Fun-Key Aeroplane Models
  5. HK R/C Model Company, online dealer for r/c products
  6. Sure Success Manufacturer
  7. Tedani Technologies Limited,
  8. Windrider R.S.B. Aviation Co., Ltd., manufacturer of Bee EPP flying wing and other accesories.
  1. RCmodell-Hungary, R/C model manufacturer & distributor & e-shop
  1. Trikut Metmin Private Limited,  Import & distribution of hobby products like model trains, RC cars, boats & planes. Soon starting production of ARTFs
  2. Growel Sports & Hobbies, importers and manufacturer of aeromodelling goods
  3. Highfliers, manufacturer and designer of all types of model aeroplanes (free flight, radio control, control line models).
  4. Model Aviation India, scale, 3d profile, 3dmodels & scale detailed models-arf as per order
  1. Green Hobby & Model, Supplier of a large range of HLG, scale & high performance RC models
  2. Helimodelsflying models of all kinds
  1. Hobby  Motory, dealer of various F3J, F3B models,distributor for Quick Uk and R/C model planes located in Israel
  2. Toys & Models, Toys & Models manufactures a variety of items, ranging from small hand lunched gliders to large gas R/C models..
  1. Azimuth s.r.l,   Reseller of much models and products (aeromodelling)
  2. Jonathan SNC, Reseller of any kind of modell's products
  3. X Models, high performance F3J molded models such as Whisper and Blade
  4. DL Models, sailplane manufacturer
  1. Hirobo, some handlaunch gliders
  2. Kyosho, some ARF planes
  3. Kyowa Plaza, cyber hobby shop
  4. Model Club, Some ARF planes, hobby shop of aircraft
  5. NoseCone Soaring World, shops for F3J, F3B sailplanes
  6. Quality RC Product, some Japanese slope and handlaunch models
  7., Distributor of F3J and F3B competition models
  8. Sano Factory, Japanese importer of European scale gliders
  9. Union Model, model chained shops in Japan
  1. Flight Tech, just Ordinary park planes and Sail planes shopping mall
  2., dealer for some thermal and slope gliders
  3. The Mirage Club, R/C sailplanes and electric airplanes
Mauritius Island
  1. Hobbyinc Ltd, Manufacturer, distributor of rc planes, toys, radio communication products
New Zealand
  1. Airsail International, Foamies combats gliders Comet and Viper flying wings
  2. Canterbury Sailplanes, some foamies and thermal duration sailplanes
  3. Foamworks, EPP  kits, CNC foam wing cores
  4. Hyperflight, Importers of high performance electric sailplanes and FVK
  1. RC Partner J.F.Lie, Producer off Modell Racing Fuel for two and four stroke glow engines and JET A1 for micro turbines and import and export off RC parts
  2. Great Wings Norge, Selling GWS airplanes and spear parts.Also Smartech EP Helikopters and nitro cars.Kokam batteries and charger.Other RC products
  3. Grtffin Models, Importer of sailplanes, electro-sailplanes and electro-power models from the Czech Republic
  1. Art Hobby, a wide selection of handlaunch and F3x glider kits
  1. Champion Hobby, distributor of model airplanes and other products
  1. TOP Modeltehnik, reseller of RC products
South Africa
  1. Cape Sailplanes Products, dealer for some PSS and slope soarers
  2. Mad Models Aircraft Designs, Electric aircraft accessories - wholesale and retial. Manufacturer of the Tesefly 2 parkflyer
  2. Modelaeromania, distributor of RC aeromodelling products
  1. GP Airplance Model, dealer of FVK models
  2. Insider Modellbau, some high-performance F3x gliders
  3. TUN Modellbau, dealer of high-performance F3J sailplanes such as Scar, Tragi ad Pike
  4. Vladimir's Model, high quality F3B, F3F, F3J & electric models
  1. Grand Wing Servo Tech (GWS), manufacturer of servos and B2 plane
  2. MTH Hobby Products Industrial Co. Ltd., manufacturer of Holiday and Appolo series of gliders
  3. North Boat Model Corporation, mainly boats but have some sailplanes
  4. Novatech Enterprise Co. Ltd, manufacturer of brushless speed controller, charger, and other accesories
  5., Model shop in Taipei for electric sailplanes
  6. Thunder Tiger Model Co., manufacturer of the Thunder Tiger series of sailplanes
  7. Top Micro Flight, small electric sport planes
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
  1. Demon Wing, UK manufacturers of flying wings
  2. European Sailplanes, supplier of F3B F3J, PSS models
  3. Formwings, Manufacturers of foam wings for model aircraft. We have stock wing cores and can manufacture to your requirements. Based in Poole, Dorset.
  4. Funflysupply.comfunfly kit manufaturers,materials,specialist modelling tools, & glues, alloy upgrades, props & plugs
  5. Glider Distribution, various glider kits including Minimoa
  6. Hanger DesignsElectric powered models and accessories
  7. Jess Nicholls Sailplanes, scale gliders and sport models
  8. Mike Smart Designs, some interesting slope, thermal and scale models
  9. Phoenix Model Products, a large collection of EPP and balsa model kits
  10. Punctilo Model Spot Ltd, one-stop shop for Multiplex sailplanes in UK.
  11. Purbeck Sailplanes, some scale gliders and Adrenaline slope racers
  12. Ripmax, Spirit and other glider kits
  13. Soarers, John Seven product of gliders
  14. South Coast Sailplanes, distributor of fine quality moulded gliders and electric models
  15. Soarhigh Models, some handlaunch and F3j models
  16. SPR Model Gliders, a wide selection of model gliders and electric flight models including Dragon, MidiDragon and MinDragon range
  17. STO Models, Electric RC Planes And Other Related Hobbies
  18. Thermal Techniks, importer of F3J sailplanes such as Stratos and electric sailplanes
  19. YT International, UK distributor of Model Tech with a large range of professionally built and pre sanded scale and sports models
  1. ACE Hobby Distributors Inc., Thunder Tiger Windstar glider ARF
  2. Aerofoam Radio Control, EEP combat planes and mosquito class HLGs
  3. Aero-Model Distribution, dealer for Jaro Muller (Ellipse) and FVK sailplanes
  4. Atlanta Hobby, distributor of flying wing, like Zagi and Bee
  5. Anabat R/C Aircrafts, EPP combat and pattern slopers
  6. Bash Enterprises, manufacturer of Mongo EPP flying wing
  7. Birdworks, manufacture EPP sailplanes such as Mog, Greek and Gull
  8. Blu-Darter, manufacturer of Dartar sloper
  9. Bowman's Hobbies, manufacturer of EPP sailplanes including Cutlass and Sonic
  10. Carl Goldberg Models, Gentle Lady series of glider kits
  11. Cavazos Sailplane Design, manufacturer of F3F/F5B sailplanes such as Whip, Boomerang and Switchblade
  12. Chicago Sailplane Supply, dealer of various F3J, F3B models located in Chicago
  13. Combat Wings, Manufacturer of Boomerang flying wing
  14. Composite Specialties, dealer of F3x high-performance sailplanes
  15. Copperhead Aviation, Manufacturer and Distributor of high performance EPP 3D airplanes.
  16. Dave's Aircraft Works, manufacturer of EPP combat planes such as ME163, 51D
  17. DJ Aerotech, manufacturer of Monarch series of sailplanes
  18. Dream Catcher Hobby, dealer and manufacturer of slope sailplanes such Dragonfly
  19., Us Manufacturer of air moving devices, and electric & Turbines Powered Jet aircraft. Importer of fine Aircraft modles
  20. Durable Aircraft Models, PSS EPP models such as P-51 Mustang and T-33
  21. Dymond ModelSports, dealer of some electric, thermal and handlaunch gliders
  22. Dynaflite, manufacturer of all-wood sailplane kits such as Talon and Botcat
  23. Easy Built Models, Manufacturer of Gliders, Freeflight rubber and power planes, electric R/C, and parts. In business since 1932.
  24., custom configuration of competition and high-performance electrics
  25. EScomposites, some electric sailplanes
  26. Extreme Products, dealer of combat and slope sailplanes such as Mach Dart
  27. Electric Aero Modelling, some electric sailplanes
  28. Floyd, manufacturer of Floyd glider
  29. Flying Thingz, toppagelogo2.jpg (9994 bytes)R/C airplanes that are unique. Gas, Electric and glider
  30. FuseWorks, maker of Vortex slope racer
  31. Gravity Circus Flying Products, performance sailplane design and kit manufacture
  32. Hobby Barn, hobby shop with a large collection of aircraft kits
  33. Hobby Club, a large collection of sailplanes scale, competition or slow flyers
  34. Hobby Lobby International, shop for some scale and handlaunch gliders
  35. Hobby People, shop for a large collection of gliders and kits
  36. Hobby Zone, Firebird electric sailplane
  37. IdeaSyn Co.
  38. Jamara Models USA, distributor of Jamara R/C model planes
  39. JK Aerotech, manufacturer of Snipper sloper
  40. K&A Models Unlimited, Some PSS models
  41. Kennedy Composites, Home of AVA, AVA electric, Blaster and other high performance composite sailplanes
  42. Kummerow Sailplanes, manufacturer of Evo series of HLGs
  43. Laser Art, manufacturer of Majestic sailplane kits
  44. Leading Edge Gliders,
  45. MAD Aircraft Design, maker of EPP combat planes
  46. Major Hobby, dealer of Mystery Ship sailplane
  47. Maple Leaf Designs , sailplanes; Image, Mirage and Encore
  48. Metaterra, EPP flying wings such as Slice and other PSS
  49. Mc Compoosites, home  of  the Vindicator and the DS Extreme
  50. MM Glider Tech, some collection of slope and thermal gliders
  51. Mountain Toys, Inc., manufacturer of some PSS and foam slope gliders
  52. New Creations R/C, shop for some sailplanes from Graupner and Robbe
  53. North County Flying Machines, Moth and Bluto EPP flying wings
  54. Northeast Sailplane Products, shop for a large collection of slope sailplanes such as Dominator, Victor, Sparrow and Fury
  55. NovaTech, manufacturer of Stingray slope glider
  56. Patton Aircraft, EPP PSS fighters
  57. Picolario-usa, distributer of US-Version of picolario, the most advanced thermal sniffer
  58. Planes, Wings, and Things
  59. R/C-UP rcup2t.gif (903 bytes), Makers of High Performance Wings, including the Luna Bounce, Vision and TH3. How-To Guides
  60. RCWorks, EPP wings in 24, 30, 36, and 48 inch, other sizes available by request. Also 3D and EPP sport planes.
  61. R & R Model Aircraft, ARF R/C Flying Model Pterosaurs
  62. Richter R/C Aircraft Design, testlogo_1.jpg (17291 bytes). The Weasel is a small RC glider made of EPP. It was designed for light to moderate lift conditions on the slope. It is a very maneuverable glider; however, it has very forgiving flight characteristics. This makes the Weasel suitable for both beginner and accomplished fliers
  63. RnR Products, design and manufacture high-performance sailplanes such as Synergy and Evolution
  64. RPV Industries, manufacturer of EPP combat planes such as F21 and Cyclone
  65. Sailplanes Unlimited, shop for high-quality large scale gliders
  66. Scrollsander, micro handlaunch gliders
  67. ShredAir, dealer of some high-performance slope racers including Scar
  68. Sig Manufacturing Co., Inc., manufacturer of Samurai and Ninja sailplanes
  69. Sky Bench Aerotech, shop for some slope and handlaunch gliders
  70. SL Model, model plane and accessory deader based in Seattle
  71. Slegers International, thermal and slope sailplanes including Predator, Storm and Vortex
  72. Slo Fly, EPP wings and mini electrics
  73. Slope Scale Products, EPP slope scale fighters Spitfire, P51D
  74., home of high performance sailplanes
  75. SR Hobbies, shop for EPP combat slopers
  76. Steelhead Products, Manufacturer of FLOYD and PANTHER sailplanes and other sailplane items. Custom core cutting available
  77. SuperModel Sailplanes, some HLG kits
  78. The Bag Lady, shop carrying many EPP slope gliders
  79. Thermal-Gromit Works, manufacturer of small HLGs, delta wings
  80. Todd's Models, shop for indoor slowflyers
  81. Tom Martin Radio Control, Specializing in drafting scale sailplanes and powered aircraft.
  82. Tower HobbiesTower Hobbies Home Page, big store for all R/C stuff
  83. Trick R/C, manufacturer of Zagi series of EPP combat flying wings
  84. Tuff Planes, Manufacturer of competition grade EPP sailplanes
  85. Wing Warrior, epp wings in three sizes, from beginner to experts. testing a e-wing now.
  1. Vladmir's Models, High Quality Molded F3B,F3F,F3J & Electric competion saiplanes, Graphite, Mini Graphite,Organic, Designed, Built and flown by a World Class RC Sailplane Engineer/Enthusiast --Gavrylko Vladimir


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