Sailplane Missing in Action

This page contains information on sailplanes that were missing in action. We hope the information is useful in case fellow pilots have a chance to go into the area where the sailplane was lost, just keep an eye on the lost plane. In case you have found it, return it to the owner please!

MIA #1: On 10 September 2001, Robert went to test fly his newly built Reiher with a few friend in Clearwater Bay Peak. The wind was light but marginally sufficient for the beautiful plane to float comfortably. It was launched successfully in its maiden flight and was cruising along the slope contour. For some unknown reasons, the plane tipstalled and plunged into the dense bushes just at the ridge beside the road leading up to the peak (see the picture below). It took three men two hours effort to search the area for the grounded plane, but they still could not locate it until sun set. Dear fellow pilots if you somehow are in this area, please keep an eye on this beautiful sailplane. In case you have found it, please contact the owner Robert Yan at Many thanks.

lost1c.jpg (25392 bytes)
This beautiful Reiher is a result of dedicated craftsmanship by Robert Yan

lost1a.jpg (19094 bytes)
Launch for its maiden flight

lost1b.jpg (39728 bytes)
The red circled area is where it supposed to go down

If you have sailplane lost in action recently and would like to keep us inform, please send us the picture of the sailplane and information on where it was lost. Thanks.