Learning to Fly

This page collects a number of photos about our beginner pilots who have painful but also joyful experience in learning to fly. We hope that these photos may refresh the memory of our fellow pilots about the difficulty we have encountered during the learning stage and the efforts we have spent in order to pass this stage. Happy flying!


Pilot: Daniel, has flown 16 sorties so far

daniel2.jpg (41107 bytes)

daniel1.jpg (30691 bytes)

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Daniel sent these photos because he want to remind leaner pilots to be patient and never give up. The top-left photo shows the "plane" after a fatal crash. The top-right photo shows the smiling pilot and Uncle Chan, his mentor. Daniel managed to repair the plane to a flyable state, see the photo on the left. This is incredible,  what a craftsmanship!

Pilot: Robin, has flown solo successfully in Lamma Is.

Swallow on Lamma.jpg (16927 bytes)
Robin's first plane is a polyhedral plane called "Swallow". He flew it several times on the peak of Lamma Island

Learning to land.jpg (13895 bytes)
This was Robin's second flight. He was able to avoid trees! What a quick learner!


More are coming .....
If you have pictures taken during your stage of learning to fly and would like to publish here, please send me a copy at stanley@rcsail.com. Thanks.