Incident 5: Fei Ngo Shan Peak, 9 March 2002

The accident: Two Shooting Stars were DSing simultaneously in Fei Ngo Shan Peak on 9 March, 2002. One was controlled by Stanley Chan and the other was controlled by Master Leung. The wind speed was on average 25km/hr,  a very good condition for DS. Two planes run the DS circles in parallel and the speed achieved was amazing. It was a bit difficult to steer the plane in high speed without hitting the ground and also to avoid collision with the other plane.  After running a few circles, two planes were actually locked synchronously and was amazing to watch. Suddenly, Master Leung's Shooting Star was differed off track and hit the ground in high speed. Fortunately, the impact was cushioned by a thick layer of grass and the damage to the plane was relatively minor considering the speed on impact. The fuse was broken into two sections, the tail got off but kept intact. Luckily, there was no obvious damage to the wing!
Suspected Cause: Pilot error. According to the explanation by Master Leung, he was distracted by the sun light so he moved backward from the slope a bit, when the plane dived down in the dead air zone, the plane was  obscured by the slope edge so he couldn't see the plane and hence lost control of it in just split second of time. This accident reminds us that DS is a dangerous game and you need high concentration!

ind5_a.jpg (35639 bytes)
Pick up the carnage

ind5_b.jpg (32728 bytes)
Searching for the canopy but couldn't find it

ind5_c.jpg (57609 bytes)
Well the damage is more than you can imagine from this picture

ind5_d.jpg (33714 bytes)
Fortunately, the wing is intact