Incident 4: Fei Ngo Shan South Facing Slope, 5 March 2001

The accident: A brand new SoarStar foamy owned by Kelvin was launched to test its handling capability for landing. This foamy is actually a slow park flyer and when it is flown on slope, care must be taken for landing it under strong cross wind condition. Chester was the pilot who liked to demonstrate how he can land the plane. Although the wind was not strong at all, the turning rate for this slow flyer in cross wind is really slower than expected. When the pilot maneuvered the plane on the down wind approach and tried to turn it near the slope, it was over shot and  hit a light pole unexpectedly. The plane was crashed to the ground with a broken fuse and sustained severe damage.
Suspected Cause: Pilot error. It was the pilot who misjudged the slow turning rate of this park flyer in cross wind.

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Uncle Chan was preparing the SoarStar for launch while the owner Kelvin was looking on. Chester was the pilot.

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What'd happen? Where is the fuse?

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Finally, it was proved that metal is harder than foam!

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See the murder! Be ware! Was it the Government's fault who erected the pole there? Well, think about it when you fly over there next time!