Incident 3: Fei Ngo Shan Peak, 24 March 2001

The accident: A Shooting Star was soaring peacefully in Fei Ngo Shan peak. It was a good fun to fly this high-performance sailplane for dynamic soaring as well as high speed aerobatics. After half an hour of fun on the mountain top, a few other pilots came, some of them were also dynamic soaring in the backside of the hill while others were as onlookers. Stanley was initially concentrating of flying the Shooting Star, but, for a while, he was distracted by an event happened in the backside of the hill and then lose sight of the plane. As the sky was overcastted with clouds and it was difficult to spot the plane again. In just two seconds of time when the plane was out of spot, it dived and crashed in the nearby slope. The impact force was proved to be too high for the plane to bear and the fuse was broken into two sections, the front portion was immersed into the earth, it took the rescuers some efforts to "unplug" it. As a result of this crash, two FS3103 servos, a 6ch FM receiver as well as the plane were written off - a very costly accident!
The Cause: Pilot error. The pilot was distracted by an event that otherwise shouldn't be happened. The trigger was a chap who was pissing in the backside of the hill just right under the DSing track. Everybody was crying and pointing to him for the danger that was acting on him. This is just too distracting for the pilot!

ind3_a.jpg (39720 bytes)
A view of the "crumbs". Gone with 2 servos and a Rx

ind3_b.jpg (60741 bytes)
The front part of the fuse got firmly stuck to the ground!

ind3_c.jpg (57575 bytes)
A smile and a goodbye to the poor racer

ind3_d.jpg (42957 bytes)
It took a bit of digging efforts to recover the front part!


This incident reminds us that no mater what happen nearby, keep concentrating on flying your plane!