Incident 2: Clearwater Bay (North Facing Slope), 15 April 2000

The accident: A Flamingo 2001 was successfully launched on the north facing slope in Clearwater Bay. The flight was uneventful and several low passes and dives were performed. The craft response predictably even under strong northerly wind conditions. After about half an hour of flight and it was time to land. The landing approach is a downwind up approach. Since the northerly wind was really strong and there were lots of turbulence near the slope. Two attempts were performed to work out the best course and the entry attitude for the craft. It was found that the entry attitudes were too high in the last two attempts, then in the third attempt, the entry attitude was lower further. As the craft was approaching to the slope and heading-up, it hit an electric cable unexpectively. The accident happened under the eyes of many onlookers! The tail was torn off and the plane was crashed into the bushes. It took the pilot half an hour to recover the broken plane.
The Cause: Pilot error. The pilot didn't realize that the plane was flying too low and too close to the electric cable.


ind2_b.jpg (60516 bytes)

A view of Flamingo before the crash

ind2_a.jpg (57047 bytes)

See the murder, the electric cable down there!

ind2_c.jpg (60498 bytes)

Hard word! Recovering the plane after the crash

ind2_d.jpg (35313 bytes)

The tail was torn off and the canopy was lost


This incident reminds us that there are electric cables and poles just right at the landing path in Clearwater Bay north facing slope! Our fellow pilots please be careful if you fly over there next time.