Social Gathering of RC Soarers

This page contains pictures of our fellow pilots taken when they are on rest between flights. Happy flying!

Sit down and relax (click to enlarge)

No wind and waiting (click to enlarge)

With such an innovative idea on sheltering, now we can really sit down and relax between flights. Thanks Andy for this portable shelter!

See the faces of our fellow pilots, they were happy! even though the wind was not in their favor.

Having Lunch in Shek O Peak(click to enlarge)
See our fellow pilots! They are not only having good wind for soaring but also having lunch in Shek O peak. What a wonderful day!

Discussion about flying skill? (128397 bytes)
Daniel (middle) was discussing with Master Leung (right) something about soaring, right? Hope that Sabrina (left) was not bored by these glider addicts

Our fellow happy pilots (73670 bytes)

Flying show by Master Leung (109393 bytes)

It is not easy to have our fellow pilots getting together to take a picture, so you see from their faces how happy they are!

All pilots except Master Leung were grounded due to very light wind condition. Master Leung was showing off his flying skill by maneuvering a Shooting Star for aerobatics in light wind.

On tutoring a young pilot (51740 bytes)

IIs in Ma On Shan? (98952 bytes)

Our senior pilot Ah Wai, who has been giving many soaring tutorials to beginner pilots over the years, was busy in tutoring his youngest student pilot so far. You see our sport will have a great potential for development as more youngsters joining us, thanks Ah Wai for his patient and consisting efforts. This is an aerial photo of our fellow pilots on the Ma On Shan Plateau. Do they look like illegal immigrants from Mainland? I wonder what'll happen if they were spotted by border patrol on the helicopter!
If you have pictures taken with group of pilots and would like to publish here, please send me a copy at Thanks.