Fun Fly Photos

This page contains some interesting pictures of our everyday flying!

fireplane2.jpg (18067 bytes)
What happen? This plane is burning! Quick! put it off.

Catch a fire in country park?
Light a fire intentionally within the Country Park? You will get fine. Check out the movie. (3171307 bytes)
Fellow r/c pilots got bore when there is no wind - but a simple bungee cord can give them hours of real good fun (3653783 bytes)
See how they launch a Mini Waesel by a home-made bungee cord

funfly48.jpg (67591 bytes)
Wow! This sailplane has a funny shape with a head down nose cone! No, the nose cone actually got lose during flight and hung around by a wire. Surprise! It was still capable of airborne and flew for a few minutes then landed safely.

funfly47a.jpg (59559 bytes)
Wow! Is this guy still flying a sailplane in Clearwater Bay under heavy rain?

funfly47b.jpg (81609 bytes)
Certainly, pick up is difficult even if you don't mind to get wet! Who is him? Check it out here.

funfly46a.jpg (153833 bytes)
Look! There is something on the slope, it is the fuse of a runaway glider. But.., it is not resting on the slope, it is hung in the HV cables. Wow, how it managed to go up there is a mystery

funfly46b.jpg (29696 bytes)
This  will certainly be a famous landmark in our flying site in Fei Ngo Shan to remind us not to fly too close to the HV cables

funfly45a.jpg (41610 bytes)
Hey, look at this plane, it has a payload!

funfly45b.jpg (123566 bytes)
Wow! What is it carrying?

funfly45c.jpg (110696 bytes)
My goodness, it hit a pole and stole a plastic bag from the pole. May be the plane likes to take the first initiative to clean up Hong Kong

funfly45d.jpg (81349 bytes)
You are such a beautiful plane, why you still need some extra decoration? Poor New Sting and the owner C.M. Sure there will be lots of work to make it pretty again.

funfly44a.jpg (104565 bytes)
Wow! Our fellow pilot Ah Chung is holding his new bird. What is this animal? A dinosaur? Can it fly? (742603 bytes)
Wow! It really flies! Click and see it yourself.  It can do aerobatic also and is a dam good predator,  isn't it? See the whole story how it is launched. 

funfly43.jpg (99208 bytes)
Ouch! We rc soarers definitely don't want to see this. Which is stronger, Miraj or Shooting Star? See it yourself. So the lesion is, no matter how strong your bird is, everything can happen in the air and the result is usually unexpected.

funfly42.jpg (37811 bytes)
This bird (ME163) has a  label marked as "HKRCSS". Is it used by HKRCSS for training on how to do bird catching?

funfly41a.jpg (21273 bytes)
Wow! This spy plane is fying low. The American is spying on us!  Should we shoot it down?
Hold on! It was already captured by a big monster! See the monster

I love sailplane! (154448 bytes)
What are the two wonderful things that men most want in the world? Well, I guess sailplane flying and pretty woman. Hay! Master Leung, I guess you prefer flying with the plane not the woman, right? Check it out.

Swimming Shooting Star (76576 bytes)
Its too hot today, so I decide to swim for while. Although I was designed for airborne, now I discovered that I am equally well suitable for waterborne!

Hay! Back up. You have swimmed for long enough (110976 bytes)
That's enough! Back up. Although I am not your owner, its my fault to let you swim like this. You know it is dangerous out there!

Who is catching the plane? (136176 bytes)
Look carefully! This plane is not flying or landing, it is hand carried by a poor fellow pilot who is submerged into the dense bush while picking up his plane! Do you need help to pick you up?

Mind a bullet in your back? (90456 bytes)
Wow! This run wild EPP Bullet is about to land (or crash). Hello sir, do you mind a bullet in your back?

funfly36a.jpg (130442 bytes)
Hi! You need help? What made you hanging on the cliff? Hurry, call a chopper to rescue him!

funfly36b.jpg (170080 bytes)
Sometimes it is just too dangerous to recover sailplane in our slope like this. Take care man!

funfly35a.jpg (73136 bytes)
Why was Little Lo smiling? Oh no, he was actually crying! Something wrong with his leg?

funfly35b.jpg (68582 bytes)
Oh! Poor boy. He was stung by an angry bee while he was recovering his Boomerang in the bushes. Don't cry, take a rest and let your parent finish the job!

funfly35c.jpg (146310 bytes)
Equipped with protective cloth, his father was facing the challenge to finish the job

funfly35d.jpg (130928 bytes)
Well done! This is a good example of parental cooperation.

funfly34a.jpg (80319 bytes)
Oh! this little plane needs a medical check up by a team of sailplane doctors

funfly34b.jpg (97269 bytes)
it flies again after taking some medicines named Battery Pill

Blind flying? (70708 bytes)
Master Leung is showing to us that he can fly a plane without looking at it! Oh, that is the reason why we are standing far away from him!

Broken transmitter after a direct hit (99223 bytes)
Look at this broken transmitter belong to Ah Kin. Ah Kin was direct hit by a run-wild sailplane while he was flying his own. Although he wasn't hurt and his sailplane was finally recovered, his transmitter bared the ultimate damage and has to be sent for repair.

funfly31a.jpg (58462 bytes)
Why was every body looking  at the tree?

funfly31b.jpg (117297 bytes)
Oh! a sailplane was landed up there!

funfly31c.jpg (123634 bytes)
Monkey business

funfly31d.jpg (120519 bytes)
Can't make it!? really wish to have my wings to fly up there!

Recovery a sailplane landed on a tree top is really a tricky business, sometimes it is dangerous too. You see this guy was taking the risk to climb up! Be careful dear! I think our soaring club should have trained a monkey to do the recovery for us!

funfly30c.jpg (111319 bytes)

funfly30a.jpg (94448 bytes)

Flying at night is by no mean easy but it's just fun! Here you see a group of dedicated night flyers set off their mission to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Their weapon was illuminated by attaching glow sticks giving them at least an hour of flying time. These glow sticks are readily available very cheap in this time of the year. Different colours are used for the top and bottom surfaces to give the pilot a cue of  the plane's orientation.

Hitting a lamp pole! (635079 bytes)
Soaring in Clearwater Bay is by no mean hazard-free, you see here a flying wing hit a lamp pole on its close approach. This killer pole is one of the most hated object in Clearwater Bay.

catch.gif (173405 bytes)
See how good our Master Leung is in catching a sailplane! Anybody wants to challenge?

Master Chow on launching Harmony (124367 bytes)
Master Chow (the one holding the control) has a few fellow r/c soaring students who do whatever they could for him, including launching and picking up sailplanes, transportation from his home to the flying sites, but except one thing they are not allowed to do - to control the sailplane themselves! What a Master he is!

Getting too  old for this kind of sport? (115786 bytes)
Stanley, what happen? Look so exhausted after the pick-up! Oh! you are getting too old for this kind of sport then

See how happy our fellow pilot Ah Shing is after a successful catch (135527 bytes)
See how happy our fellow pilot Ah Shing is after a successful catch

See how happy Master Leung is after a thin catch of his MiniCorado (128000 bytes)
See how happy Master Leung is after a thin catch of his MiniCorado

Addiction to soaring (106647 bytes)
Look at this chap! He has a broken leg and should be resting in hospital, how come he was flying there?  This is a typical example of addiction to soaring! Sure, r/c soaring can cure illness, agree? Mmmg..! I wonder who will do the pick up for him.

mark down the number of flying hours (71265 bytes)
Mark down the number of  flying hours?

Poor "fat" Fai after an exhuastic recovery mission (107271 bytes)
Oh! Our dear "fat" Fai! what was happening to you and your racer? The recovery mission took more than an hour and was too exhaust for him,  but one thing is good for sure - he got the right formula for weight reduction!

Oh! Who made such a silly mistake? (125112 bytes)
Oh! Who made such a silly mistake by maneuvering his car in to the ditch? Although logging the flying hours is our pilots' dream, it shouldn't be in the expanse of loosing the driving hours  

Come on guys! push harder! (83150 bytes)
Come on guys! push harder!

Discussion about how did this poor Mog crash-land here  (139080 bytes)
What has happened to this poor Mog? Our fellow pilots have an interesting discussion about the carnage right after the CRASH.

Hold it for launch (102585 bytes)
Launch a sailplane can be tricky particularly with the help from a beautiful lady

Hold it tight and release it (73655 bytes)
Hi guy, are you concentrating? Sure this is a really professional launch!

Warp her around and hold the sticks tight (50020 bytes)
Flying a kite is much easier than flying an R/C sailplane - but you see this chap was very enjoyable to teach and she was also very enjoyable to be taught! Mmmg...., I think we better learn a new way to teach our female R/C pilots - instead of using a trainer cord, just warp her around and ask her to hold the sticks tight!

A direct hit or near miss (1645011 bytes)
Is it a very dangerous act of cowboy flying by Master Leung? See it yourself - it was almost a direct hit!

Slow motion (393367 bytes)
See a slow motion playback - very close, right?

Hand launch a sailplane (69119 bytes)
Master Leung was showing to us his skill of launching a sailplane with a built-in style of Chinese martial art!

Two cowboys (128901 bytes)
Stanley (left) and Andy (right) have many commonality; they both own and fly Shooting Star, but they like to swap their tails; they like to decorate their racers with well-known figures: Hello Kitty and Monster ...., they fly like cowboys and race in pair but save the racers from midair collision

Can you figure out anything unsual of this foamy? (30536 bytes)

The head portion of JW was blent (71438 bytes)

Can you figure out anything unusual of this foamy?

You see that the head portion was bent. The suspect cause was due to excessive centrifugal force applied on it during high-speed turns while dynamic soaring

F3F Guru Kevin Newton is flying in Hong Kong? (114026 bytes)
Recently, we have discovered a handsome young man flying with us on the  mountain top. He really looks like the famous F3F guru Kevin Newton of UK. You guess who he was!

Why Keung is hiding behind Raymond? (36931 bytes)
Why Keung is hiding behind Raymond on the mountain top? Well, Raymond is DSing his Miraj (see the plane in the low-right corner) in very high-speed and the plane is very close to the ground. So it is safer for Keung to hid behind Raymond - in case there is a direct hit, he will be protected!

Army of Shooting Star on March (156125 bytes)
Picking up army of Shooting Stars? Yes! even with a high-performance sailplane like this, sometimes you still need to recovery them far down below, you simply can't bit the nature - no lift!

Bungy launch of a flying wing  (54293 bytes)

See the bungy cord? (43109 bytes)

What's this? A high-speed flypass of UFO? No! It is the launch of a flying wing using a bungy cord. Pilots in Poway, southern California, came out with this innovative idea to gain flight time when the wind does not cooperate.

Illegal immigrants in our flying spots? (121859 bytes)
Are they illegal Immigrants invading our flying site? No! They are our fellow pilots, Paul Wong and Wong Ling, who were enjoying a good launch in Shek O peak. Make sure to clean it up then!

Prepare to fly at night with a headlight (74750 bytes)
Prepare to fly at night

Flying at night with a headlight (1816139 bytes)
See a movie for flying at night with a headlight

Recovery the plane at night (108994 bytes)
Recovery the plane at night

Fly at night is by no means an easy job. You need advanced lighting devices on broad the aircraft to assist you to have a better idea on the orientation of the aircraft in flight. Usually, the devices are illuminated bars attached on the leading edges of the wing such as those from Night Ops. Here, you can see a daring mission to fly at night by one of our fellow pilots; he used only one single headlight! May God be with you!!

Flying wing with vortex generators to reduce tipstall (131990 bytes)
This picture was sent by Kat of San Diego. He put some small vortex generators on the highest point of the wing. The idea is to delay the tipstall happened in turn at low speed, a bad characteristic for combat.

Who was so hurry to rush down to pick up his plane? (660643 bytes)
Who was so hurry to rush down to pick up his plane?

Concentration (64272 bytes)

Loosing height and into the valley (62445 bytes)

Master Leung was concentrating on soaring? Yes! he flew Paul's Angel under very light wind condition and was struggling to gain height in Fei Ngo Shan. If he failed, he needed to go down the valley to take a very difficult recovery mission. Paul was smiling behind him, although we were sure that he was even more worry about his plane than Master Leung.

White Crosses in the bushes  (130600 bytes)
In search for planes! Look at the white crosses in the bushes, somebody is still looking for a missing one!

Collison with a car! (75271 bytes)
Bang! What a big noise. This van traveling on its way to Po Doi O was hit by a run-wild sailplane! Fortunately the hit induced only minor damage to the sun roof. You see the wing was peeled off and resting at the other side of the car. A day before there was a similar hit and the pilot has to compensate HK$2,000 for the repair! My dear fellow pilots, please take this incident as a reminder not to fly too close to the road!

Land a plane which has no tail? (173043 bytes)
Land a plane which has no tail? No, Little Law's Micro got midair collision with a big Nimbus and the V-tail was just gone!

Go down to pick up the plane after a midair (1290607 bytes)
Master Leung: "Fxxx! My Shooting Star was shot down by a dam pilot and I need to go down to pick up the plane - you know I am invincible in combat!"

Why is Master Leung so happy about? (148889 bytes)
Why is Master Leung so happy about? No damage?

No, its wing was damaged! (68950 bytes)
No, its wing was damaged!

The guy who shot Master Leung's plane down (162897 bytes)
The guy who shot Master Leung's plane down - Ah Tung!

Ah Tung's plane also suffered from a broken canopy but flyable and landed safely (56791 bytes)
Ah Tung's plane suffered from a broken canopy but flyable and landed safely

A quick repair to make it flies again and to take revange! (60710 bytes)
A quick repair to make it flies again and to take revenge!

Fly again and join the pylon race (63501 bytes)
It flew again and participated in the pylon race

Go to the loo! (147545 bytes)
Why did Master Leung run away from the on-going slope combat? Well, you know his body is just a bit over-weight and has to give up some waste! How was the smell behind the bushes - our "public" loo?

Who is the winner? (105523 bytes)
Kam (right) and Fu (right) spelled out their disagreement on who should be responsible for the midair collision of Shooting Star owned by Kam and Carbon Star owned by Fu. Kam showed to us that Fu's Carbon Star was on the wrong track and its wing was cut by Shooting Star travelling in high speed. Yes! Fu finally admitted that and he was unwilling to be seen in the picture! So if you recognize him - beware! Well just joking, actually Fu is a well behave pilot and this time he got the punishment already - a broken wing!

Uncle Chan's new toy (100658 bytes)
Uncle Chan's new toy seems to be able to attract a follower -  wonder how much he is willing to pay for this!

Who need to fix the tail? (51470 bytes)
What happened to the Vee tail of this brand new Shooting Star? The linkage seems to be a bit loosely

Andy on fixing the V-tail of Shooting Star (102218 bytes)
The owner, Andy,  was patiently epoxing the tail and it flew again minutes later!

If you have interesting pictures taken and would like to share, please send me a copy at Thanks.