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Cool stuff! Davenport 2008 Man on Man race
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Author:  Ah Pong [ 05 Jun 2008 08:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Cool stuff! Davenport 2008 Man on Man race

They smashed more than 10 models within a race!! Wonna have a 60 inches match in HK to beat up our old planes??


Author:  Ah Pong [ 10 Jun 2008 10:17 pm ]
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Chatted with Stanley and CM, they showed interest to hold such a race. Who alse would join us ??

:? :?

Author:  CM Cheng [ 10 Jun 2008 10:33 pm ]
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Ah Pong wrote:

Chatted with Stanley and CM, they showed interest to hold such a race. Who alse would join us ??

:? :?

I am more interested in taking those great photos :lol:

Author:  Stanley [ 11 Jun 2008 12:14 am ]
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It's heart breaking to race with big F3F planes like that, but it is really exiting to do so. :lol: :lol:

Guys, do you still remember we have organized a Man-on-Man race before? It was 5 years ago! Check this

I hope we can re-activate this kind of MoM activity, at least, for the foamy and 60" class. Anybody interested?

C.M., do you still keep the equipment for the MoM? I think the approach of individual audio beep for each pilot is much better than the US MoM approach that uses lights. The main problem we have last time was the wireless links from the bases, if we use the wires instead of wireless links much like we have in F3F, the system will be much more stable.
C.M., will you re-activate the project to complete the MoM equipment?

Author:  CM Cheng [ 11 Jun 2008 09:14 am ]
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Hi Stanley,

That system has been "disintegrated" :) . It doesn't take too much time to build it again, but the problem is that it takes too much man power to run.

Talked with Pong-pong last night and we think that we can try the following rules, which need less judges to run.

1, Total 3 pilots for each run.

2, 3 line judges at Point A. Point A is also the start and end point.

3, All 3 pilots and the CD at Point B.

4, Job of the line judges:
a, Each line judge keep track of one model.
b, Count the lap.
c, Signal Pass or Cut point B.
d, Tell CD if the pilot has completed the race or DNF (crashed, 2 cuts or more, etc).

5, Job of the pilots:
a, Each flies his own model :lol:

6, Job of the CD:
a, Coordinate the contest. 8)
b, Keep track of three models.
c, Tell line judges and the pilots if there is a cut at point A.

7, This system base on the assumptions that as pilots are at point A, then they can turn accurately and they are honest and so they probably won't cut there. "Cut rate" is low and the CD should have no problem to track 3 models.

Any comment?

Author:  bchau [ 11 Jun 2008 06:06 pm ]
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Ah Pong wrote:

Chatted with Stanley and CM, they showed interest to hold such a race. Who alse would join us ??

:? :?

I'm interested and will join the both groups (EPP & Glass)

Author:  Ah Pong [ 11 Jun 2008 07:16 pm ]
Post subject: 

8) 8) Dear all,

Please see the rules in Davenport: (copy from Flying pizza)

和 F3F 很像, 一樣是在一個track上競速. 幾點不一樣的如下:

(1) 同時最多四台飛機"一起"競速. ;) F3F只是和自己的時間比賽, man-on-man則是看誰飛的快.
花多少時間飛完十圈不重要, 只是要比同一組比賽的對手快就好.

(2) 飛行的track是F3F的兩倍長, 也就是200公尺. 駕駛員站的位置也和F3F不太一樣. 是站在其中一個的轉彎點.
遠端的轉彎點有四個大大的燈號, 用來指示是否是個合法的轉彎. (要飛超過轉彎點 和F3F一樣)

o 駕駛 <---------------------- 200 m ----------------------->
|----------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
轉彎點-A 轉彎點-B (燈號在此)

(3) 四台飛機輪流起飛. 每台飛機會有一個相對的燈號. 舉例來說第一台飛機是白色 第二台是紅色...
起飛之後要往遠端轉彎點飛過去. 讓那邊的裁判確認說你是某個燈號的飛機.

(4) 四台都起飛之後, 有60秒的時間爬升然後開始比賽. 其餘的就跟F3F很像. 先完成十圈的獲勝.

(5) 算分: 全部駕駛是照亂數分組.
每組的第一名拿一分; 第二名拿兩分; 第三名拿三分; 而第四名拿四分.
沒辦法起飛的DNF (cannot fly) 的拿五分
有起飛而沒飛完DNC (cannot complete) 拿四分. 因為墬機或其他因素的)

兩天比完二十輪之後分數最低的獲勝. 如果差距很小, 則會加賽.

(6) Cut (沒飛過轉彎點) 之處理:
和F3F一樣, 每個轉彎點必須要超過. 可是和F3F不一樣的是, 沒超過的話不能彎回去重飛.
原因是大家一起飛同一條線, 繞回去重飛太危險.
如果cut一次則需要多飛一圈. 如果cut兩次則該輪變成DNC (cannot complete, 4分).


小弟沒有親自飛所以沒辦法給心得, 不過以下是我蒐集到一點點資料

(1) 飛機重心: 因為是比較長的直線加速, 所以一般駕駛都會把中心設到比較前面.
(2) 飛機重量: 最多11磅 (4.9公斤) 而且每台飛機都有加到11磅
(3) 飛機選擇: 能壓艙到11磅的飛機. 大家都把原廠的主翼接合的東西換成不鏽鋼(壓艙)...


這比賽實在太刺激了. 四台飛機一起衝場一起轉彎. 整個腎上腺素簡直要爆出來的感覺.
想也知道這種比賽碰撞難免. 事實上不是難免而是保證會發生.
我一個好朋友在兩天之內摔爆了三台大香蕉. 第一次是在轉彎時候被一台NYX切去尾巴, 香蕉一陣打滾就摔成奶昔. 第二次是在轉彎時候被一台Aris直接定到中間的主翼. Aris當場斷頭摔落(註: 4.9公斤的Aris), 而香蕉 (註: 也是4.9公斤的香蕉)則當場香削玉損. 第三次小弟沒在場, 不過聽說也是慘烈無比.
這幾天下來摔了至少五~六台大香蕉, 兩三台Aris, 和好幾台的 Acacia, Trinity-F3F, Furio, ... 等等.
難怪一年只能比一次, 否則大家都破產了. 不過還是個超高消費的比賽.

我一直很好奇說這種意外要怎麼說責任歸屬. 我朋友是說只要是撞機, 基本上就是兩個人的錯, 所以沒有任何賠償之類的問題. 這也是這個比賽比較鼓勵有經驗的飛友參加的原因.

I think, we shall use beep sound instead of light signal, three planes at one round and the track shall be 100 meters. Lastly, 60 inches moldies only!

Any comment?

Author:  Stanley [ 11 Jun 2008 10:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hi C.M. and Ah Pong,

I think if possible we should design a system with two selectable configurations:

Config A: we can race 4 planes simultaneously and allow the pilots stand in the middle of the track rather than in Base B edge of the track. This is for the assumption that we have sufficient man power to man the bases (4 for base A and 4 for base B). Of course, practically, it is difficult to get sufficient man power, then, it would be great if the system can fall back to Config B by simply flipping a switch

Config B: pilots race at Base B edge with 4 beepers on Base A. This is a man-power saving mode, but to my opinion is less interesting more dangerous too! Why? you know the MoM race in Devonport this year had a serious accident that a helper in Base B was hit by an uncontrolled plane, he fell unconscious and was airlift to hospital by helicopter, although he is recovering now. I think the accident is because mainly a pilot tends fly his plane very close to himself, if he is standing in Base B, it will be very dangerous for the helpers there. I would rather like the pilots to stand at the middle of the track and the helpers both in base A and base B are far away from the base poles. This would certainly be safer.

Anyway, I think we should continue to discuss and suggest better configuration for the MoM system if we are going to build one, so I open a new category for discussion in this forum dedicated for MoM

Author:  Ah Pong [ 11 Jun 2008 10:20 pm ]
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I am fine for either config A or B. Simply a day of good fun would be suffic.

:P :P

Author:  Wind God [ 13 Jun 2008 11:32 pm ]
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