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Sham Chung ep/dlg event
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Author:  kin [ 07 Mar 2006 11:06 am ]
Post subject:  Sham Chung ep/dlg event

I want to Sham Chung in 7/5/06 or 14/5/06, I will bring my F5j and DLG or pylon,Who want to go there?please give me call !
Yeung ! Are you assembled your ep hydro boat ?
Big Yeung !I want to see the stinger again !(The stinger make me "finger shake"and hazardous my health !I will bring my super weapon "SESAME" my dog !he like eat aeroplan !!!!!!!!

Author:  BigYeung [ 07 Mar 2006 11:40 am ]
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There's still a long period before May. 2-month time should be good enough to train your dog to digest kelvar carbon fus & Li-battery? It'll be better for me to bring e-hydroplane (an out trigger that can fly on water but not in sky) to reduce any possibility for a bite. Does your dog swim?
How about the boring April? Any event?

Author:  BigYeung [ 07 Mar 2006 10:00 pm ]
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Stanley & I both agreed it's difficult to keep the by-passing visitors from entering into the central lawn. I believe if you can train SESAME as a watch dog to guard against those non-pilots entering into the flying area, we'll have a nice environment to hold the pylon race. Hurry up! Train your dog now!

Author:  kin [ 08 Mar 2006 10:38 am ]
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I want to plan one day to Sham Chung in April ( CHING MING/EASTER )or (5/3/06,12/3/06).
I will bring f5j and dlg ,pylon !

Author:  kin [ 08 Mar 2006 10:52 am ]
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Wo!!!!Wo!!!!!I am SASAME!!!!!!Don't let me stay alone at home ! Boss ....Are you very regret tech me type computer .....Wo Wo!!!!!!!!

Author:  Y C Lui [ 11 Mar 2006 09:19 pm ]
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今日大霧﹐濕立立﹐唔係好想上山﹐留係屋企補機﹐依家屋企一隻爛機都無啦﹗隻 pylon racer 又可以囉出黎片。隻機都撞爛左成大半年﹐以為舊鋰電都已經漏晒電﹐嘩﹗點知仲有八成咁多﹐D電都幾勁。



Author:  hendry [ 19 Apr 2006 11:56 pm ]
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14/5 monther's day ar~
7/5 go ar~ :D

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