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Author:  ken [ 10 Mar 2005 11:41 pm ]
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Man-on-man version is attractive, but when we do the Man-on-Man version for Foam planes, are we going to use 2 physical long post? This is the way to reduce the man load. I have a long post with length about 30 feet long, can it be use on this?

Author:  Stanley [ 11 Mar 2005 12:33 am ]
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Since it's run like a F3F race, where there are no danger for the moulded planes.
There's no need to put EPP planes in another class.
Keep it simple !

Ah Mak,

If it is for open class only, everybody will use only the molded models for the obvious reason of speed advantage.

I think it is good fun to race electric foamies too, so two seperated classes are better.


Yes, I think we need two high poles. We can minimize the man power by putting the pilots in one side of the pole. On the other pole, we can use some light indicators with different colors (Red, Green, Blue, etc) to indicate the passing of the corresponding plane. If that is the case, we need only three judges for pressing the switches of the lights.

Author:  Ah Pong [ 11 Mar 2005 07:45 am ]
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Dear all,

Where is the venue?? In light of recent AFCD incident, easterly site of FNS and MOS is not suitable, since these are within the country park area.


Author:  Y C Lui [ 11 Mar 2005 06:46 pm ]
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滑翔機 man-on-man 賽用 EPP 主要都係因為怕撞﹐但根據我地搞過既滑翔機 man-on-man 賽同其它會搞過既 power 機 pylon racing ( 佢地有D用 120 4衝 engine !! )既經驗﹐碰撞既機會其實係好微﹐電動 pylon racer 好多都係一粒色咁細﹐機會仲低。

講到人手安排﹐擺D賽員係其中一邊 pole 都唔會減低裁判既數目﹐因為過唔過條 pole 唔可以信個機師。F3B 賽既速度項目入面﹐個機師都係企響其中一條 pole 度﹐但仍然有個裁判響後面及到實。D德國佬同我講﹐由於機速太快﹐機師又成日想囉到盡﹐企響條 pole 後面都可以照 cut, 所以都係要有個裁判響度。

Author:  Y C Lui [ 11 Mar 2005 06:56 pm ]
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Ah Pong wrote:
。。。Where is the venue?? 。。


Author:  ken [ 11 Mar 2005 11:41 pm ]
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Author:  Yeung [ 16 Mar 2005 02:44 pm ]
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Just got some videos to share with.
You may cut and paste the link to your web browser:

http://homepage.ntlworld.com/robert.ash ... 20race.wmv

Indoor pylon race:

http://homepage.ntlworld.com/robert.ash ... /pylon.wmv



Author:  Y C Lui [ 16 Mar 2005 10:13 pm ]
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點解三隻機鬥可以兩個裁判就搞掂既 ﹖

Author:  Stanley [ 05 Apr 2005 09:59 pm ]
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Author:  Wing [ 06 Apr 2005 07:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Pylon Racer Choices

Just my 0.02 :

For inexpensive (less than HK$400) pylon racer, 競速翱翔 SP from Align RC will be a good choice. It's available in "Yamatei" and you could take a look into

http://www.align.com.tw/shop/product_in ... cts_id=550

It's made in plastic with very thin wing, re-inforced using carbon rods and the wing is mounted using rubber bands, so quite damage resistance during crash. But the elevator is very ugly - so I re-built it using re-cycle materials (balsa aileron from crashed gliders). Build is very easy, servo trays, push rods ... etc all available in the kit.

I've flown my SP serveral times using ST-model tunned 380 motor + 11.1v LiPo + APC 4.7 - very fast, very stable. But on early March I've to say goodbye to it when the receiver fail - my SP run in full speed and disappered in the forest :cry:

I also saw some pilots using brushless + 9.6v 1100mA NiMh + ? Prop - it could even fly vertically upwards :shock:

In short, definitely a good plane for low budget but good performance

But if you are looking for top performance pylon racers (guess so), then the options will be : Sunracer, Sokol, VIP and you could take a look into http://www.espritmodel.com/ (path - Airplane - Electric plane - Pylon racers) - just learned this from my friend in US who specialized in playing pylon racers

Of course, wanna to hear other's opinion as well !

Author:  GEORGE [ 06 Apr 2005 11:27 pm ]
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Stanley wrote:

Hi! Stanley
睇下我既新武器,星期日約左亞堅試機,有無興趣哩睇睇都幾辣咖 :twisted:

p.s. 我個舊ID LOG IN唔到 memberlist 42,有時間麻煩幫我睇睇,TKS!!

Author:  Henry Chan [ 07 Apr 2005 05:00 am ]
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同Stinger 400, Switchblade, Sokol,... 比, 佢比較"慢". 不過就易land好多, 無咁易tip-stall.

GEORGE, Sunday 你地會去邊度飛ah? 我都想開吓眼界, 睇吓你地D勁野.

Author:  Henry Chan [ 07 Apr 2005 05:01 am ]
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同Stinger 400, Switchblade, Sokol,... 比, 佢比較"慢". 不過就易land好多, 無咁易tip-stall.

GEORGE, Sunday 你地會去邊度飛ah? 我都想開吓眼界, 睇吓你地D勁野.

Author:  MiniDick [ 07 Apr 2005 11:38 am ]
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Looks the race is changing from EPP flying wing to top racers. Anyone can tell the racer names posted by George and Henry ? Where can we buy them ?

Author:  Henry Chan [ 07 Apr 2005 03:06 pm ]
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My pylon name is VIP. I got it in UK in this website

Despite, you may find lots of pylon here

Author:  GEORGE [ 07 Apr 2005 08:33 pm ]
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Henry Chan wrote:

GEORGE, Sunday 你地會去邊度飛ah? 我都想開吓眼界, 睇吓你地D勁野.

未定去邊度飛,星期六先決定到,到時通知你ok?另外我都未知我隻機叫乜 :roll: (耶魯兄弟有名未?)

Author:  Y C Lui [ 07 Apr 2005 09:12 pm ]
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咦﹖也耶魯兄弟唔係淨係整左隻俾 Galant 咋咩﹖佐治你幾時有架 ﹖我都訂左架﹗我排第幾呀﹗

Author:  Stanley [ 07 Apr 2005 10:10 pm ]
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Author:  Henry Chan [ 08 Apr 2005 02:39 am ]
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I'm using Mega 16/15/4 with PQ 11.1V 1800mah LiPo battery. Draw 18A at full throttle when using 5X5 prop.

Author:  Henry Chan [ 08 Apr 2005 02:45 am ]
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I'll also buy the Sunracer for the race. It's larger in size and quite colorful so much easiler to see in sky!

I'll order it from espritmodel.com before coming Sun(10 Apr). Anyone interest pls pm me or email at ywhenry@netvigator.com so we can bear the shipping cost.

Author:  Yeung [ 08 Apr 2005 08:48 am ]
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A (or some) Sunracer has already been flied in Hong Kong!!!
Performance is awesome and Stunting!!

By the way, it seems that many are using 11.1v 3s power series, not 7.4V Lipo or 8.4 NiXX as suggested previously.
May the club consider and finalise this issue ASAP?

I will join the test flight party this Sunday.

Author:  GEORGE [ 08 Apr 2005 10:43 am ]
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YC / Stanley, Sorry! 比錯訊息你地,其實我架機已經試左成個月,今個星期日我又會試新配搭,所以我先話去試機,試完一定會講比你知唔同配搭會有乜分別,等你地砌機時唔洗再試好唔好呢 :D

Author:  ken [ 08 Apr 2005 10:56 am ]
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I remember we have finalized to use 2 Li Cells or 7 NiMh or 7 NiCd cell in our last meeting, I think Kin have not set up the rules so he did not announce this yet. But we will base on Kin's announcement as the final. I will push him to set up the rule as soon as possible.


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