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Author:  BigYeung [ 26 Aug 2004 04:17 pm ]
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The rate is for the whole archery field per 1.5hr

Author:  ken [ 26 Aug 2004 04:48 pm ]
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Big Yeung,
Do you think The archery and gateball courts at Tuen Mun is big enough, If they can let us rent for a whole day, say from 9:00 to 18:00, that will be a good choice for us. If we go Shum Chung, time and boat costs are both expensive too.

Author:  Stanley [ 26 Aug 2004 06:13 pm ]
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I have asked 上水展能運動村, they have green football field but they said all Sunday and Saturday are fully booked until next year. Available time slots are only on weekdays and perhaps public holidays. I think similar situation to those grass pitch fields from Culture & Recreation Dept. We also asked 元朗大堂 field, they hold a helicopter F3C competiton last Sunday but they said that Sept 5 is not available. So we're really running out of option.

Hendry, do you think 南丫島 site is suitable for electric gliders and spot landing? Is permision from the site owner needed?

$150/person for a return boat trip is a bit expensive. In Shum Chung we paid only $100 per boat for 4 persons one way. Is is possible to bargan with the boat operator to get the cost down to, say, $500 return for a boat of 6 persons? We might have 20 to 30 people going. It is not a bad idea to have lunch or dinner in the seafood resturant on the island.

Author:  Y C Lui [ 26 Aug 2004 07:50 pm ]
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Author:  hendry [ 26 Aug 2004 11:49 pm ]
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Y C Lui wrote:

Sorry 呀,上面寫錯咗,"bo bo"費係每隻船計,唔係每人計,所以係HK$150/船



其實你地去比賽人數都唔少啦,起碼都二三十人,不如租隻遊艇去可能仲方便D,又可以帶D家人去玩,D家人唔睇比賽可以在船上玩其它嘢or 叫船送他們上南丫島玩又得

Author:  Willy Lim [ 31 Aug 2004 04:01 pm ]
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不知《榕樹澳》的「龍村樂」http://www.happydragonvillage.com.hk/ 掂唔掂?


Author:  yellow [ 01 Sep 2004 10:03 am ]
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Eeee....very good wor!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Author:  BigYeung [ 01 Sep 2004 11:17 am ]
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Sorry for late reply. The archery & gateball field is about 3/4 the grass field of the Wanchai sport field near the Cross Habour Tunnel. Usually, it'll require booking in advance by 1 month. Have you or Stanley made an enquiry on booking specifically for this centre?

Author:  Stanley [ 01 Sep 2004 07:06 pm ]
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We are still checking some possible sites for the Electric glider event.
You may assume the event is as scheduled for the time being. Announcement will be made on this Saturday night for the decision to hold or postpone.

Author:  Y C Lui [ 01 Sep 2004 11:10 pm ]
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Author:  PatrickYellow [ 02 Sep 2004 02:41 pm ]
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Stanley, YC, is it possible to get a better price for random use in happy dragon village?

Author:  ken [ 02 Sep 2004 10:03 pm ]
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Stanley and me visited a site at Tin Sui Wai today, chance of having the contest on schedule is very high, the land owner will give us a reply tomorrow. If everything OK, we need to cut the glass on Saturday. We expect to make an area with size 50 feet x 50 feet, We can make the area bigger if we have enough man power. Is anybody have equipment to cut glass efficiently? The owner told us the area is flat and has very short grass 2 months ago, recent rain make them go close to 4 feet high.

For the archery and gateball courts at Tuen Mun
that suggested by Big Yeung, As expected, the staff told me the area is not expected for flying, but they may consider that. They need us to write them something about our activity so they can discuss internally. The cost will not be same as the list. We guess it will take a long time so we do not focus on that for our coming 2 contests. But we will try to apply for our future activities.

Author:  Ah Pong [ 02 Sep 2004 10:13 pm ]
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Dear ken and Stanley,

Thanks for your efforts.

Author:  ken [ 03 Sep 2004 05:57 pm ]
Post subject:  星期日比賽

天水圍電機會內之一幅地他們要收 $130 x 30人之費用 (即共$3900),他們會提供午餐飯盒及一餐飲。 免費泊車。但我們要幫手在星期六剪草,他們可以借出手提剪草機四部。 各人有何意見,請在此盡量一提出,因為要盡早決定是否延期。

Author:  PatrickYellow [ 03 Sep 2004 06:24 pm ]
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Delay one more week I suggest, first ppls do not when it is, second if the grass cut by tomorrow, must let them grow a bit and the cut off dry out, otherwise, it will become hard landing.
Let us know the way how to get there asap, cut the grass tomorrow or sunday, or some practise if ppls want, contest next week, same amount of money pay to the villagers anyway!

Author:  ken [ 03 Sep 2004 10:03 pm ]
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If we delay one more week. It will be the election date. I heard somebody do not want to have contest on that day. If it is not a problem to hold contest on Sep 12, I agree to shift a week too. Because it is quite rush to make it this week.

Author:  Y C Lui [ 03 Sep 2004 10:55 pm ]
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阿 Ken 講既場地位置﹕

Author:  Stanley [ 04 Sep 2004 12:11 am ]
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It is very difficult to make the decision now. There are pilots who prefer to have the contest to be held this Sunday. In this case, we really need to make a calculation on how many of you will come. Up to now, I have the following confirmed participants, let me know if I am wrong.

Patrick Yellow
Kin and 勝叔
Tsz Ming
Possibly 2 guests from China

So only 12 (or 14), how can we make it 30?
We need more! Please let me know as soon as possible if you want to come.

Anyway, I also want to know if the following contest fee is ok for you, say;

member $150
non-member $200
guest with lunch box only $50

If we charge this fee and have about 20 to 30 participant we may be ok.

If we postpone for one week to Sept 12, it is an election day, also we can look for another site in Tai Tong which may be cheaper.

Author:  ken [ 04 Sep 2004 12:40 am ]
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I will go with my 2 sons either this or next sunday.


Author:  Y C Lui [ 04 Sep 2004 12:50 am ]
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我睇都係最好延期﹐依加得一個選擇, 條數又計唔掂﹐咁既情況下做決定好易出問題﹐我建議搵多幾個場至做決定﹐聽日或後日我會入南丫島睇下﹐我聽人講話大棠個場好細﹐最好入去睇下先。阿 Patrick 提過既黃泥墩場唔知點情況呢﹖

Author:  Stanley [ 04 Sep 2004 01:19 am ]
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More detailed map here:

I was told that the site in Lamma Island is a closed private area and is circulated by chain fence. Someone must have made a hole to get through the fence. We might need approval to run an organized event there. But it is worth to check it out.

If the electric glider contest is postponed to 12 Sept., the HLG contest may need to be futher delayed to, say, November as we will be busy in preparing for the Viking Race - Y.C. we really need some practice!

I don't really mind that the event be held this Sunday or next Sunday provided the number of participants are sufficient.[/url]

Author:  Y C Lui [ 04 Sep 2004 01:29 am ]
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南丫島個場睇落幾好﹐不過分分鐘變左飛山坡 http://tgo25.tripod.com/aaa1.wmv

要將條 link cut-n-paste 落IE 既 address bar 至可以睇到個 video。 就咁 click 唔掂

Author:  ken [ 04 Sep 2004 10:44 am ]
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YC, I agree that the site looks very good. It is a lot better than the Tin Sui Wai site.

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