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Author:  ken [ 14 Aug 2004 02:15 am ]
Post subject:  釣臘鴨



Author:  CM Cheng [ 14 Aug 2004 08:38 am ]
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隻機好細隻,hover 低 D 跌入一呎唔係太難 . . . hehe :)
阿 Ken,我只係幫你考慮所有可能的情況,實際上就梗係飛上天搵 thermal 好玩啦 :)

Author:  Stanley [ 17 Aug 2004 01:00 am ]
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Author:  ken [ 17 Aug 2004 01:25 am ]
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你要在出賽前決定用哪一架機出賽。若你決定用細電Bee, 而你又想試試電Easy,最多讓你在電Bee上加多一對Easy翼。但Easy翼不能在空中脫離,否則會跟據賽例6.5, 扣你5分。

Author:  Ah Pong [ 19 Aug 2004 07:34 pm ]
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:) Hi guys,
I went to the flying site this afternoon. The grass over there was trimed. Although I do not know who did the job, but please accept my thanks to this unnamed hero.

Author:  佐治 [ 19 Aug 2004 07:51 pm ]
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Author:  Ah Pong [ 21 Aug 2004 10:31 am ]
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:) The weather forecast for tomorrow is not that optimistic. Should we postpone the race? (Ken, are you the CD?) :lol:

Author:  ken [ 21 Aug 2004 11:09 am ]
Post subject:  Tomorrow Race

有時實在很難作決定。若現在決定將比賽延期,明天一旦天晴,大家都會覺得可惜,而且有很多參賽者已做足準備。 明天之天氣預告指出有很多叫時間仍會有陽光,除非大部份人都希望延期,否則我打算將比賽如期進行。
大家最好準備一將大膠布,一旦突然下雨, 可以蓋住飛機。大家有甚麼意見,可在此提出。

Author:  Ah Pong [ 21 Aug 2004 12:48 pm ]
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:) Ooops, I nearly forgot that there would have two competitors from Mainland. Postponement of the race will cause much inconvenience to them. Apart from praying the God for good weather, not much we can do now. :o

Author:  PatrickYellow [ 21 Aug 2004 03:27 pm ]
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Ah Pong, I think all fellows who prepare to fly tomorrow have no where to go except there, let just go there tomorrow to have a look early in the morning, at least can meet those buddies from mainland and they can have a practising, so and so...Patrick

Author:  PatrickYellow [ 21 Aug 2004 03:29 pm ]
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Then, Ken will make the decision more easily, right? :idea:

Author:  Stanley [ 21 Aug 2004 05:30 pm ]
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I prefer to hold the decision until tomorrow morning in the flying site as the weather forecast indicates that there will be sunny period with isolated showers. I think we still can hold the event but of course we have to prepare for the worse.
Ah Mak can you bring the tent to the flying site, in case there is rain, we can have a shelter. Also, I would recommend fellow members to bring an extra shoe and sock pair as the grass should be quite wet, so that you can change for your dry shoe at end of competition. Good luck!

Author:  hendry [ 21 Aug 2004 05:34 pm ]
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本 港 地 區 今 晚 及 明 日 天 氣 預 測

多 雲 , 有 雨 及 有 幾 陣 狂 風 雷 暴 。 今 晚 及 明 早 雨 勢 有
時 頗 大 。 氣 溫 介 乎 25 至 29 度 。 吹 輕 微 至 和 緩 東 風 。 :?

Author:  Y C Lui [ 21 Aug 2004 07:39 pm ]
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剛收到阿 Ken 通知﹐聽日比賽會延期。已通知廣州既朋友。佢今次係第一次黎香港﹐大陸人多數黎買野﹐佢就黎放飛機﹐都算發燒得緊要﹗

如果真係聽日比賽﹐佛山既朋友就會黎唔到﹐因為佢個通行證到尋日都未發出。內地朋友對今次比賽都幾認真﹐武器亦絕不落後 JR 9X 控﹐ FVK 機對佢地並不陌生. 有位仲係用 2.5m 大機﹐滯空項目會有著數。

Author:  ken [ 21 Aug 2004 07:40 pm ]
Post subject:  明日的比賽延期!


Weather forcast indicated the rain condition will be horrible tomorrow morning. We decided to delay the tomorrow contest. As some members may not read the forum section every day. Please help to call your friends for that. Thanks.

Author:  ken [ 25 Aug 2004 02:45 pm ]
Post subject:  深涌

可能新鴻基已開始在深涌動工,所以深涌村長告知我們該地已不適合作比賽。 有沒有機友知道還有甚麼場地可作比賽?

Author:  BigYeung [ 25 Aug 2004 05:52 pm ]
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The club may consider to rent grass pitches from Leisure & Culture Service Dept. It'll better to touch base with the dept first to seek for whether the grasslands can occasionally be used for small RC glider flying, preferably be the locations at NT where no tall buildings and highways around, with one side facing waterfront or river will even be better. A good location may be the archery and gateball courts at Tuen Mun. Rental rate is $218 per 1.5hr.

Author:  PatrickYellow [ 25 Aug 2004 06:15 pm ]
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I agree, BIG YEUNG, but $218/1.5hr/head or for the whole area? Patrick

Author:  hendry [ 25 Aug 2004 10:11 pm ]
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由香港仔珍宝碼頭座"bo bo 雞"幾個字就到
"bo bo"費來回HK$150/船

石礦場上面除草同石就咩都冇,一定要帶足夠食物同食水,仲有係石礦場不能通去南丫島其它地方,往反都只有坐"bo bo 雞"

Author:  CM Cheng [ 25 Aug 2004 11:58 pm ]
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$150, 都唔平喎!


Author:  Y C Lui [ 26 Aug 2004 07:25 am ]
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Author:  PatrickYellow [ 26 Aug 2004 11:18 am ]
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Bo Bo chicken can only carry 6 persons!!!???

Author:  hendry [ 26 Aug 2004 02:25 pm ]
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Y C Lui wrote:

上次去放機都喺在那裏吃午餐,飯店有船送我地過去場地飛,午餐大約佰一二蚊/位,都唔錯食 :P

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