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Homemade brushless motor
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Author:  Guest [ 25 Apr 2004 09:45 am ]
Post subject:  Homemade brushless motor

dear fellows,
I wish to post the pic of my homemade motor several weeks ago, however, this forum would not allow me to upload the pic directly from my hard disc. Unlike other masters, I do not have my own homepage.
I then put up the pic in Tzs Ming's web-site (In the forum --DIY). Please see the PIC overthere and give me comments on the motor.


Author:  Ah Pong [ 25 Apr 2004 09:49 am ]
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Cannot log in. I am Ah Pong.

Author:  Y C Lui [ 25 Apr 2004 05:49 pm ]
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也得製成品咋 ? 有無制作過程既相呀 ﹖好想睇呀﹗

Author:  Ah Pong [ 25 Apr 2004 07:35 pm ]
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Dear YC,
I am trying hard to squeeze some spare time to make the instruction page :P . Hope it will be available next week. :D
By the way, any fellow can give me an old CDROM for experiment?

Author:  Stanley [ 25 Apr 2004 07:48 pm ]
Post subject: 

Yes, I have an old CR-ROM and will give it to you next time I see you.
Thank you for fixing my Hecker brushless motor.

Author:  Guest [ 30 Apr 2004 08:32 pm ]
Post subject:  To Stanley

Dear Stanley,

No need to say thanks. What Hacker???

I find an avatars on other site that suit our conversation very much. I know the characters are too small, I therefore print them out below:

Pong: Hi Stanley
Stanley: How is my brushless motor?
Pong: What brushless motor?
Pong: Ooh....that Hacker.....
Pong: Very lousy, need an expensive controllor,..need another bearing...no shaft at all, and only good for slow fly.......
Stanley:........... :oops:
Pong: Want a speed 400 instead?
Stanley: OK deal........

Author:  Ah Pong [ 30 Apr 2004 08:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Log out automatically

I might have typed too slow, above post was made by me

Author:  Stanley [ 30 Apr 2004 11:17 pm ]
Post subject: 

Note the following conversation:

Stanley: See my worn-out speed 400 brushless Hacker!
A screaming noise came out ...
"Woo Haa Haa Haa..r...der"
Pong: Fantastic! But how could ...... do it with no shaft, no speed control?
Stanley: Well, you need practice! speed, torque, vibration, penetration, .... you know you need to hack your way in. Got it?
Pong: Mngg...Ooh!

Author:  Stanley [ 02 May 2004 11:34 pm ]
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今日見咗啊邦隻CD-ROM無碳刷摩打啲威力後,心唷唷想整番隻玩吓。咁就拆開屋企隻1994年陳舊CD-ROM,發覺原來裹面個隻摩打只不過喺普通嘅DC摩打!好失望,特然發覺我仲有一隻陳舊嘅Floppy Drive,所以又拆埋睇吓,發現裹面嘅摩打真喺無碳刷架,仲有24個poles添,但喺就好大,直徑有3寸!做飛機摩打肯定唔掂,攞嚟做船嘅摩打可能都得嘅。

Author:  Tsz Ming [ 03 May 2004 01:05 am ]
Post subject: 

Ah Pong

Please post some of picture and movie.

Tsz Ming

Author:  Y C Lui [ 04 May 2004 11:19 pm ]
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Author:  Guest [ 08 May 2004 11:46 pm ]
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Author:  ken [ 09 May 2004 11:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Meter reading


What is the meter reading 1905 mean. 1905 rpm looks too slow. Is it 7905 or 19050/2?

Author:  Ah Pong [ 10 May 2004 10:03 am ]
Post subject: 

Dear Ken,
The reading on the meter have to multply with 10. That means 19050 rpm. Similar to our tachomenter in our cars. :P

Author:  Ah Pong [ 16 May 2004 08:14 am ]
Post subject: 

請轉過去 'Electric 電動滑翔機' 區, Thanks. :P

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