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Author:  hendry [ 10 Apr 2004 01:27 am ]
Post subject:  遙控問題

我現在玩直升機的,有一個JR 10x,但如果用來玩滑翔機會好麻煩,要set 好多 program mix至得,又有Dsetting根本set 唔到......

我要求係易用易set,Futaba 大9就唔好啦,見到都煩...

Thx. 各位 :D

Author:  dannywong [ 10 Apr 2004 01:04 pm ]
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Welcome to the world of silent soaring! Wow, your 10x is more than enough for any glider ranging from simple aileron/elevator trainer to full-house crow config ship. Just make use of the mixer!

What glider are you aiming at? Thermal? Slope formie? F3F moldies, or DS machine? If you've experience in heli, then you could pick up this one easily I think. Just look out when you land :)

Go for DS once you get used to the glider's control. The world record of DS is now 232mph (380km/h) with a 2-meter molded plane. Interesting to have read from newsgroup that a 90 class heli in FF is around 160km/h. So glider can be twice as exciting as heli in terms of speed :)

BTW, what heli are you flying now? I've also got a shuttle sceadu 50 recently (but I am a newbie :) I go hovering when there is no wind for my glider :) Very complicated, but interesting, too to tune the pitch/throttle curve things :)

Author:  paul [ 12 Apr 2004 11:54 am ]
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There are two versions for JR10X. They are Heli & Aero version. Please check!

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