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Futaba 9C problems???
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Author:  Charles [ 02 Nov 2004 11:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Futaba 9C problems???

Hi guys,

Not sure if any of you have experienced some sudden spikes on the 9C where the control of the plane is lost for a quick moment(less than 1 second but already very critical!).
I've seen it on my own 9C with both 40MHz and 72MHz modules and a number of frequencies(including a couple of the legal ones). I was originally suspecting being jammed by other radio sources(trunk radio, other RC flyers, etc...). But each time it happened, there were just a few flyers around and they didn't apparently feel it.
There are some articles in RC group describing some bugs with the 9C which prevent it from being compatible with some DSP-based receivers.
Not sure if these are related and whether there is already a fix for it.

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