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PostPosted: 07 Jun 2016 11:07 am 
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協會為會員向藍十字保險購買的遙控飛行意外第三者保險,已經有15年了,保單中的條文在我理解下一直沒有任何修改。 數月前有會員對保單上的條文6M1A不清楚,要求我們與藍十字保險了解一下。

有關條文如下 :
This policy shall indemnify the Insured for all legal liability (as defined by the Policy) to any member and shall also indemnify any member for liabilities to any other member incurred within the situation of risks subject to terms and conditions of the Policy but these shall be read as if a separate policy had been issued to each party subject however to the aggregate liability for a single occurrence not being thereby increased.


Example for explaining 6M1A : During HKRCSS organized activities, if pilot A's plane accidentally hurt pilot B causing both pilot A & B injury and plane lost control, and hurt another pilot C or others. Under such case, will pilot A, pilot B and pilot C be all covered by the said insurance policy? (意思是: 以例子來解釋6M1A: 在HKRCSS安排的活動中,若機手A的飛機發生意外撞傷機手B, 令機手A和B均受傷,從而引至飛機失控,繼而撞傷機手C或其它人仕。在此情況下,這份保險單會否保障機手A, B, C或其它人仕? )

Under 6M1A“ Member to Member” liability clause, pilot A & B are considered as third parties and will be indemnified according to our terms & conditions of the policy, if pilot A's plane accidentally hurt pilot B and causing both pilot A & B hurt. For pilot C & others, they are also third parties indemnifying under the policy as above.
(意思是:跟據 6M1A “會員對會員” 之責任條款,我們所舉例子中的機手A與B均是第三者,若機手A的飛機因意外而撞傷機手B, 最終令機手A和B都受傷,機手A和B都同樣可以跟據保單而獲得賠償。同樣地,機手C或其它人仕,亦會被當作第三者,亦可依據保單而得到賠償。)

由於藍十字保險的回覆並沒有解釋 6M1A之後半段條文,我們再次詢問關條文的後半段,有關賠償額的問題,他們作出下面的補充回覆:
Please be informed that the maximum liability limit is HK$3,000,000 for each accident and the aggregate is HK$3,000,000 for the whole insurance period. If one accident occurs involving more than one third party, the total liability is still HK$3,000,000 in maximum, subject to terms & conditions of the policy. (意思是: 此保單在每次意外之最高賠償額是港幣三佰萬,在整段保障期間之總賠償額最多亦只會是港幣三佰萬。 若在一次意外中有多過一個第三者,依據保單上的條文,總賠償額最多只會是港幣三佰萬。)

我們將藍十字保險的英文回覆原文登出來,是希望減少理解上之誤會。上面之翻譯解釋若有錯漏,敬請機友們提點及更正。 由於我們滑翔飛行協會 HKRCSS 一直以這份保單作為會員們的保障,在未有新選擇加入前,我們仍會繼續以這份保單為各會員續保 。

謝謝大家 - HKRCSS

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