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F3F Slope Race for Beginner
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Author:  PhilipShum [ 06 Feb 2006 05:18 am ]
Post subject:  F3F Slope Race for Beginner

Dear Fellow r/c Soarers,

Some of my fellow r/c soarers in the HKRCSS might wonder why Philip still not going to bed at 04:30 in the early morning.

2. Yes, I must tell you how excited I am. As a beginner in r/c soaring, never performed a 'Roll', a 'Loop' on a real r/c sailplane, or even can not fly a 'straight line'. By having joined the HKRCSS for only 10 weeks, I was given the opportunity to take part in a F3F 60" slope contest.

3. As a beginner, in possession of a rudder/elevator only, with 'huge' dihedral, motor driven trainer sailplane, I do not stand any chance to take part in the F3F 60" contest because the 'plane' is not conform to the rules.

4. Nevertheless, fellow r/c soarers at the flying site encouraged and allowed me to take part. There was plenty of encouragement, guidence and advice; before, during and after the contest which are so valuable to me.

5. I must say that though only with 4 rounds in the contest, the experience gained is more than any of the 4 days aimless, wandering flying sessions I had before. It is a mixed feeling, concentration against relaxation.

6. I understand the most important things in a contest are precision and consistency. With the proper guidance from the Masters, I hope I can develop and acquire these things in the future.

7. By reviewing the result, I have acquired the overall 'Maximum Airtime' on the day of the contest on 5th February, 2006. My final position was last on the list, but the experience and fellowship was 1st class.

8. Again, thank you all fellow r/c soarers for your encouragement and proper guidance.

9. I hope I can get some good sleep now.

Philip Shum

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