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HK F3F Open
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Author:  CM Cheng [ 06 Nov 2005 01:34 am ]
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Y C Lui wrote:
. .. . . .


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仲有呢個造形 :shock: ,阿麥你開演唱會呀 8) ?

Author:  BigYeung [ 07 Nov 2005 10:14 am ]
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Thanks everybody's help to make the contest so fruitful.
F Fai, it's OK. After a quick fix to the plane, I can still continue with the contest with faster lap time. No problem! Can justify with the smile on my face. Yeah!
Have to thank Ah Wai for powerful launch. Much Thks!

Author:  Stanley [ 07 Nov 2005 04:29 pm ]
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The race was called off yesterday because of insufficent wind.
Overall 8 rounds of contest have been completed. Here is the result:

Champion: Stanley Chan
1st Runner-up: Choi Wing Pong
2nd Runner-up: Au Chi Fai
Fastest Time: Choi Wing Pong
Best Team: Stanley Chan, Choi Wing Pong, K.Y. Mak


Detailed score sheet is shown in

A report will be available later.

Thanks everybody for helping to make this contest a success!

By the way, dear fellow pilots and photographers, since I was too busy involved in the race and didn't take many photos, would you please send me some of your best photos so that I can post them in the report?
I would particularly need the group photo in full resolution. Many thanks

Author:  Stanley [ 07 Nov 2005 05:43 pm ]
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Here are some movies taken during HK F3F Open.

Mak's F3F diving flight (36MB)

F3F flight of Sting by Rico Lee from Taiwan (34MB)

Author:  CM Cheng [ 09 Nov 2005 05:00 pm ]
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Stanley wrote:
. . . .. .
Here is the result:

Champion: Stanley Chan
1st Runner-up: Choi Wing Pong
2nd Runner-up: Au Chi Fai
Fastest Time: Choi Wing Pong
Best Team: Stanley Chan, Choi Wing Pong, K.Y. Mak

. . . . ..


In addition to the "fastest time", I think there are more meanings behind the data:

Below is the standard deviation of the flying time in HKF3F open day 2.

Name Standard Deviation
Cheung Wan Kin 1.629301998
Cheng Chung Ming 1.050789386
Allan Yeung 3.239763366
Lee Seung Kuk 10.8497907
Stanley Chan 5.892409666
Wing Wong 5.779246635
K.Y. Mak 5.611187486
Rico Lee 6.901717178
Au Chi Fai 13.56330466
Lee Joon 5.205333002
Angus Lee 5.702294129
Choi Wing Pong 5.72360245
Y.C. Lui 5.689367276
Chan Kwok Wai 9.783763335
Chang Ki Sung 14.42185003
Johnson Yeung 3.47287105
Huang San Yi 13.61783267
Ho Kwok Wai 10.12885647
So Kwok Ying 11.21678021
Lo Kwok Wah 7.193487796
Henry Chan 4.393825213

Ha Ha you see I've got the most stable performance, which means I do not depend on LUCK!! Watch out guys, if I fly fast next time then I will continue to lead the race . 8) . . :lol: :lol: . :o .. 8) . :) dreaming :lol: . :roll: . :P . :lol: . :D :D . .

Author:  Stanley [ 09 Nov 2005 09:24 pm ]
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Report on HK F3F Open is here
http://www.hkrcss.org/HKF3F/HKOpen2005_report.html English version

http://www.hkrcss.org/HKF3F/HKOpen2005_reportC.html Chinese version


Author:  Stanley [ 09 Nov 2005 09:31 pm ]
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Standard deviation alone is not a good measure, you need to take into consideration the Mean also.

With a low mean and small standard deviation that means consistently to perform poor

With an average mean and a large standard deviation that means sometimes he can do much better such as the case of Ko Lo Wai

What we aim for is higher mean, smaller standard deviation


Author:  Stanley [ 15 Dec 2005 11:59 pm ]
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Just discovered that I had taken a movie for a false F3F run by Fat Fai during the HK F3F Open. This is due to judge error not his fault.

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