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The Schocker
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Author:  PatrickYellow [ 03 May 2005 09:08 pm ]
Post subject:  The Schocker

F Fai, remember you mention me about the champion ship 'SCHOCKER' last time when we met in Kowloon City, would you mind to send me the details or the site address.
CM, do you have any information about that?
Thank you guys!

Author:  CM Cheng [ 04 May 2005 06:40 am ]
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Hi Patrick,

I have no idea about that :roll:

Is it another person you are refering to?

Author:  Angus [ 04 May 2005 07:09 am ]
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Hi Patrick

I think we do discuss about the "Freestyler" which is the prototype of "Schocker".

Please refer to the following link-


Author:  PatrickYellow [ 04 May 2005 07:45 pm ]
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Thanks Angus.
CM, seems you are a 'pak hill sun', think you will know something about that!
Thanks too anyway! :wink:

Author:  PatrickYellow [ 04 May 2005 07:49 pm ]
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Angus, is it the winner in the last F3F Viking?

Author:  CM Cheng [ 04 May 2005 08:24 pm ]
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PatrickYellow wrote:
Thanks Angus.
CM, seems you are a 'pak hill sun', think you will know something about that!
Thanks too anyway! :wink:

Ha Ha you were talking about the "Schocker" which I don't know :twisted: If you asked me about the Freestyler or Herrigs' page then I can show you something (the same as Angus's reply).

Are you going to try hollow moulded wing? Here is a good website. My Apogee is goooooing to use the hollow mould technique, which it is designed for.


Author:  PatrickYellow [ 04 May 2005 11:00 pm ]
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I already successed to made mould wing couple months ago, but I really need a CNC milling machine to make perfect plugs.
Is that 'Freestyler' designed by the German brother who won the last F3F world championship, CM?

Author:  Angus [ 05 May 2005 05:57 am ]
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As I know, Martin Herrig won the Viking Race in 2002 with Freestyler. Later the Herrig brothers modified it and built the Schocker to win Viking Race in 2004.

The wing profile is AH69, which is designed by Andreas Herrig. The profile is also used by VV for building Viking.

Patrick, if you are going to build it, many F3F pilots would be interested. Please remember to make it heavy (at least 4kg in full ballast).

From the website, it seems that no CNC machine is used for building the Freestyler.

Author:  Stanley [ 05 May 2005 06:23 am ]
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I've seen Andrew Herrig flying Schocker in VR2004. Honestly, I think the plane has very good tuning characteristics particularly for the style that the Germany pilots fly. However, the (straight line) speed it achieved, I would say, is a bit disappointing. I think the Herrig brother who won the race is very much depending on the accuracy they can obtain on the track not much on the plane. Just practice! practice! and practice!

On the other hand, I was impressed by the model that used by other Germany pilots.

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