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FAI F3F World Cup Ranking for 2013
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Author:  Stanley [ 01 Nov 2013 10:59 pm ]
Post subject:  FAI F3F World Cup Ranking for 2013

A total of 12 competitions scheduled for year 2013 FAI F3F world cup were done. I just checked that the most updated ranking list is calculated for the last 10 competitions flown in Europe (up to 6 Oct).


If the result of TR2013 and Lungpan 2013 are finally included, our names will be there.

Currently, Thorsten Kolkers of Germany is in the top with 83 points. I just did a quick calculation:
If TR2013 and Lungpan are counted, Kenneth Chan will get a total of 66 points which will place him at the 6th position of the world ranking list. Tseng Kuo Tung has 44, Lin Kuo Ping has 42, Espen Torp has 49 and I have 37, Pang Yong Wee has 35, both Li Siu Man and Leung Chi Sang have 17 points, interesting!

You will see many Asian pilots in the top positions in the ranking list, cheers!

Author:  Stanley [ 02 Nov 2013 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: FAI F3F World Cup Ranking for 2013

Just noticed that FAI F3F World Cup 2013 ranking list has been finally completed by counting TR2013 and Lungpan. Here is the link


However, there is an error that Kenneth Chan (TR2013) and Chan Sing Yeung (Lungpan) were counted as two different persons. I have sent an email to Franz to notify this error. After correction, Kenneth should be ranked as 6th place in the list, cheers!

Author:  CM Cheng [ 02 Nov 2013 10:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: FAI F3F World Cup Ranking for 2013

I have 8 points from the Lung Pan F3F too. Cheers!


I found there are a lot of errors in the TR and the Lung Pan competitions. Somethings mixed up?

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