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N - NE this Weekend
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Author:  CM Cheng [ 30 Nov 2006 12:01 pm ]
Post subject:  N - NE this Weekend


Sunny on Saturday.

Shek-O or High Junk Peak? :!:

Author:  Wing [ 30 Nov 2006 01:39 pm ]
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Thinking of morning fly in High Junk Peak :o

Already charging up planes & Tx last nite :o

Author:  CM Cheng [ 30 Nov 2006 01:55 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hi Wing,

Have you ever been in Shek-O? The air space in Shek O is much larger than High-Junk Peak :D

Wind is strong and the annoying jerryfish will all stay at home :!:

Image :P

Author:  Wing [ 30 Nov 2006 06:09 pm ]
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Sure love to try flying F3F some day in Shek O with experienced pilots together :o

However coming Saturday will be difficult because need to escape around noon for kid's activity :?

Also I still can't fly fast in High Junk Peak during cross wind & turbulence conditions there so better practice more there with my bullet proof Wizard Compact 2 - but already cracked when flying with rain god in MOS :x quick forced landing during sudden rain :x

Author:  Wing [ 30 Nov 2006 06:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Crossfire ready to fly ?!

BTW, chated with few pilots looks everyone what to see Crossfire :o

Any chance to see Crossfire(s) on sky this Sat ?

Author:  kin [ 01 Dec 2006 01:27 am ]
Post subject:  Crossfire

She still sleeping at waigo ,I will wake her up and bring her home very "carefully"(after wife sleep).Hope I can fix it before next sunday .
She is very slim body and super light weight ,
the wing is 100% mirror,The wings is no balsa wood , It is super quality wing mold product.The wing material is same with the mini-ellips.She come with all connector,ballest,futaba servo cable ,I don't need to do any "hole operation",It is a "complete kit "
Let show some photo soon .

Author:  Wing [ 01 Dec 2006 01:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Crossfire on display

Hey Kin, in this case, don't bring Crossfire back home :o

Simply plug the piece together and hang her in WaiGo for a week so that we can visit and touch her :o You can put a sign "My Miss Fire Display ONLY - NOT for SALE" :o

Author:  Stanley [ 02 Dec 2006 10:54 pm ]
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Author:  Ah Pong [ 03 Dec 2006 09:32 am ]
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Just called Ah Wing. He is flying at 'Fishing Hill', and the lift is very good.

:P :P

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