fns_c_12.jpg (48600 bytes)
Packed with few pilots in a good day

fns_c_14.jpg (29272 bytes)
A bird eye view of the flying site

fns1.jpg (50014 bytes)
No wind and waiting! Site A and B is far up

fns2.jpg (55643 bytes)
Recovering a plane. Hard work!  

fns3.jpg (59993 bytes)
Flying too low! and no wind! What next?

fns4.jpg (36901 bytes)
Pilots are squeezed into a small area for flying

fns8.jpg (39496 bytes)
Spectacular view of Kowloon peninsula

fns10.jpg (34638 bytes)
Enjoying! The mountain in the far side is Fei Ngo Shan

fns_c_9.jpg (43120 bytes)
On launching an ASW27

fns_c_10.jpg (27838 bytes)
Soaring over Hong Kong

fns_c_7.jpg (12235 bytes)
Not flying! Somebody actually down there to recover the plane

fns_c_8.jpg (13481 bytes)
Sometimes it is just too foggy to fly over here

fns_c_11.jpg (46781 bytes)
Landed nicely on the slope

fns_c_13.jpg (98676 bytes)
The night scene of Hong Kong is so beautiful

Launch a sailplane in Fei Ngo Shan (1781199 bytes)
See a movie for launching a sailplane here

See a Movie (1.3MB) for bumpy landing in this slope
See a Movie (3.9MB) for soaring in this slope