fns_a_7.jpg (38931 bytes)
On a good windy day, you can find many pilots there

fns_a_2.jpg (28685 bytes)
This site is always covered by fog in Spring

fns_a_3.jpg (29070 bytes)
Zagi on dynamic soaring in Fei Ngo Shan

fns_a_5.jpg (25389 bytes)
On the top. You can see Junk Bay in the far sight

fns_a_6.jpg (23276 bytes)
Fog may occasionally pop up during flight

fns_a_4.jpg (30534 bytes)
You see the whole Fei Ngo Shan Peak

fns_a_8.jpg (36723 bytes)
Sit down and relax

fns_a_9.jpg (41558 bytes)
Taking a picture before launch

fns_a_10.jpg (40969 bytes)
Flamingo on crosswind landing in Fei Ngo Shan

fns_a_11.jpg (41552 bytes)
Launching the Fox and ASH26 on the peak

fns_a_12.jpg (26403 bytes)
A bird eye view of the flying site from a camera on board a glider

fns_a_13.jpg (23604 bytes)
The changing face of Fei Ngo Shan: now we have a tourist viewing platform just underneath our landing path!

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