Best Pictures and Movies of the Month

Best Pictures
March 2000 ME163 on a close flypass in Clearwater Bay
April 2000 Mog bounces back after landed
May 2000 Dart on hitting a yacht in Clearwater Bay
June 2000 Soar over Hong Kong
July 2000 Carbon Star on ridge run in Fei Ngo Shan
August 2000 Mini IFO flies to its destiny
September 2000 Launch a big 4m ASH26
October 2000 Launching a Fox in Clearwater Bay
November 2000 Cyclone on approach to land with flag deployed
December 2000 Crumbs of Shooting Star after a fatal DS move
January 2001 Pilatus B4 on chasing the sun
February 2001 Poor Carbon Star loose its wing
March 2001 Hung Shooting Star
April 2001 Launch with a Chinese martial art style
May 2001 Miraj on a close flypass
June 2001 ME163 launched invert
July 2001 Poor Master (Fat) Fai after a weight-trimmng recovery mission
August 2001 MiniCorado in a tight turn
September 2001 Shooting Star on the road to Shatin
October 2001 Twisted Shooting Star after a midair
November 2001 Two MiniCorados on simultaneous landing on the road
December 2001 Cliff Hunting and stall turn
January 2002 Chased by a giant bird
February 2002 Speedy Bluto on a close approach
March 2002 A realistic looking Tiger Moth on flypass
April 2002 A realistic looking Bat glider on high speed flypass
May 2002 Extraordinary shape of Beetle
June 2002 Soar Over Hong Kong
July 2002 Bluto Hung Over Hong Kong
August 2002 A lone Shooting Star soars peacefully under the sun set
September 2002 Shooting Star swimming in the pond
October 2002 Tiger Moth soars peacefully before sunset
November 2002 Minij-Nemesis Hybrid on a Speed Run
December 2002 Poor Shooting Star lose its head and tail
January 2003 FVK Tango on a Close Flypass Under the Sun
February 2003 Beautiful Night Scene of Hong Kong from Fei Ngo Shan
March 2003 Prodij on a close approach
April 2003 Miraj performing a stall turn in a visit to Grass Island
May 2003 Figure out the cause of a midair?
June 2003 Redback flies over Kowloon City
July 2003 Poor New Sting carries an unwanted junk payload
August 2003 Sparrow caught by an electric cable
September 2003 Jazz on a course  to CRASH!
October 2003 A good looking flying machine
November 2003 Prodij on exploring the virgin land
December 2003 A Monster Sailplane?
January 2004 Pike WR on a close up in Shek O
February 2004 Arkanj in a relax mood after an F3F run
March 2004 Poor Arkanj after a midair with Spider X
April 2004 Mini Weasel on a landing approach
May 2004 F18 flew over Clearwater Bay?
June 2004 New Sting on a close flypass in Pak Lap Wan

Best Movies

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May 2000 Dynamic soaring over the trees in Clearwater Bay
June 2000 Slice on its tour of Hong Kong
July 2000 Outraging dynamic soaring in Fei Ngo Shan
August 2000 False take off of a Pilatus B4
September 2000 Downwind landing in Clearwater Bay
October 2000 Launch a Shooting Star
November 2000 Crash landing a foamy on the road
December 2000 Powerful launch of ASW27
January 2001 Launch a big 4m ASH26
February 2001 60" racers in pylon race
March 2001 Miraj dynamic soaring in Fei Ngo Shan
April 2001 Almost a direct hit
May 2001 Miraj landing with butterfly deployed
June 2001 Powerful launch of a F16 fighter
July 2001 Touch and_go
August 2001 Perfect landing of a MiniCorado
September 2001 Shooting Star on aerobatic loop and 4-points roll
October 2001 Big Foker on landing approach in Ma On Shan
November 2001 The world of combat wings
December 2001 Attempt to catch an Eraser under heavy fog
January 2002 Is it so easy to catch a sailplane?
February 2002 Bluto on dynamic soaring in Fei Ngo Shan
March 2002 Beetle shows off  its aerobatic skills
April 2002 What a goal keeper!
May 2002 Beetle on aerobatic roll
June 2002 It's a midair!
July 2002 Landing on the road
August 2002 Soaring over Hong Kong at night
September 2002 Beetle diving at night
October 2002 On catching a Pirma
November 2002 Zooming in for the Target
December 2002 A gentle landing on the road
January 2003 Master Leung Lose Face Again on a Crash Landing
February 2003 On Crazy Catching a Sailplane
March 2003 Landing at night
April 2003 MicroFloh ran into the bush
May 2003 Sierra Hovering in Strong Wind
June 2003 Gulp DS performing vetical loops
July 2003 Aerobatic by a Pterodacityl ?
August 2003 On easy catching a Trendy
September 2003 Nocturnal flight with the aid of navigation light
October 2003 Queen Beetle on false aerobatic move
November 2003 Sunsetter on a secret mission
December 2003 Spot landing fault - who is responsible?
January 2004 Sting on a high speed F3F run in Shek O Peak
February 2004 Spectacular crash of Sting during an F3F run
March 2004 Trinity on a speedy run in Discovery Bay
April 2004 Launch a Mini Weasel by a bungee cord
May 2004 Three Easys on a pettern flight
June 2004 New Sting on exploring the ocean in Pak Lap Wan