Shek O

Site Photos: Main Site
Height: 270m
Wind Direction: East

Shek O is located on the southern side of Hong Kong Island. The flying site is on the mountain top of the Shek O peninsula. The site can not be accessed by vehicles of any kind. You have to walk up there from a nearby road. To drive there from Chai Wan direction, take the road leading to Tai Tam Road. At the hill top junction, turn left to Shek O road. Drive on for about 8 minutes, then you will see a small parking area on the right side. At there you can have a good view of Tai Tam harbor and Red Hill peninsula. Park your vehicle there if possible; the parking space is rare. Then pack up your RC stuff and cross the road. You will find a country park road leading up to the mountain. Go straight up, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to the top. At the top there is a long strip along the mountain ridge.  The view is spectacular. Looking to east direction you will see the ocean. Shek O and Tai Long Wan are on sight below.

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The slope is facing east and is suitable for flying big sailplanes. The lift is extremely good on windy days. You will find many paragliders sharing the airspace with you; be careful not to hit anyone of them! Mind you that you might need to negotiate with them for a landing right! Landing is on the hill top. Don't go too far behind the landing line as rotors and downstream currents build up quickly at the back side of the hill. I have been suspecting that this site is good for dynamic soaring! The west slope in the other side of the mountain ridge can also used for flying if the wind is from the west.