Ma On Shan

Site Photos: Main Site
Height: 395m
Wind Direction: East

The flying site in Ma On Shan is located right at the Maclehose Trail half way between Ma On Shan town and Sai Kung. It is about 5km southeast of Ma On Shan town. The site can not be accessed by vehicles of any kind. You have to walk up there. The easier and most preferred way to go there is from Ma On Shan side. If you drive from the direction of Shatin or Kowloon, you will come to a small roundabout just before entering to Ma On Shan town. In the roundabout, there is a small exit road leading up to Ma On Shan village. This road is a narrow but two-way drive. Mind you that there are a lot of traffic during weekend when people going up to the country park for barbecue. You should drive all the way up and pass the barbecue ground, then you will come to a bridge leading to the village. Go straight and pass the village, the road is getting narrower. Once you are at a junction, go straight again and you come to small road with a 180-degree turn, then go straight up until you reach an unpaved playground. This is the highest point your vehicle can reach. Park the vehicle there and pack up your RC stuff. Then you walk along a small country park road leading up to the mountain. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the top. Once there, you will find a large flat highland. Go straight pass the highland to the east direction for about 5 minutes, then you will come to a viewpoint stone erected by the country park authority. This viewpoint is overlooking the Sai Kung town, Pak Sha Wan and Kau Sai Chau golf club. The view is spectacular. Now, here it is, you can fly big sailplanes.

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The slope here is facing east and is very steep; be careful not to land your plane down below, it is very difficult and dangerous to walk down the slope to recover the plane. There is plenty of landing areas on the top. You might find some paragliders to share the airspace with you on windy days. The lift factor is good provided that the wind is coming from the east straight towards the slope. It is amazing to experience that if the wind is from southeast or northeast, the lift is significantly reduced; pilots must be careful of that!  This site is particular suitable for flying big sailplanes as there is plenty of airspace and landing areas.